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May 28, 2015

We often get asked what COETAIL graduates should do with their COETAIL blog.

It is completely up to you! The blog is yours, the data is yours. You have admin rights to your blog and so with that, you have full control over what you do with the content on it. Here are the options that you have.

Option 1: Keep Blogging

It’s that simple! Your blog has become part of your digital footprint. Google has found it and if you search for yourself you’ll find your blog. So if you would like to keep blogging (or if you don’t want to blog anymore but you would like the blog to be part of your digital footprint) then just leave it how it is.

We do recommend checking on it from time to time as we are constantly making updates to themes, the website, etc and that sometimes messes with the layout and design of your blog.

If we ever shut COETAIL down then we will do our best to notify you so you have time to export your data. Please do your best to make sure the email address associated with your account is always up to date. You can update your contact info here.

Please note: a $50 blog hosting fee is included in the registration cost for all new COETAILers (starting with Online 10). This fee covers the 1.5 years of your COETAIL journey plus 1.5 additional years. It will cost an additional $50 per 3 years subscription fee for us to continue hosting your COETAIL blog. For COETAIL alumni prior to Online 10, the first 3 years of hosting is $25, followed by $50 per 3 years.

Option 2: Export to your existing blog or to a new blog

A good handful of COETAILers have a personal blog or a professional blog already and really don’t want “another blog”. No problem!

Simply go to Tools – Export in your dashboard. From there you can download all your posts, pages, comments and then import them into any other blogging program. (We recommend that you choose All content)

Next, click the Download Export File button and an xml file will download to your device.

You will then be able to import this downloaded xml file into your new blog/site. WordPress has a basic import function but depending on your site set up and/or platform, you may need to download and install an import/export plugin.

Once you are happy that the content of your COETAIL blog is in your new blog/site you can contact us to have your blog deleted (or archived) or you may choose to leave it (but that will cost you the $50 per 3 years, subscription fee).  It’s totally up to you.

Please note that if other people have linked to content in your COETAIL blog, those links become broken when your COETAIL blog is archived or deleted.

Option 3: Delete your blog & its content completely

Contact us with your username and the URL to your blog and we’ll delete everything about you on the COETAIL site. It will be like you were never a COETAILer. [insert sad face].   As much as we hope this doesn’t happen there are times when people want/need to disappear and we honor and respect that. It’s your data.

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