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When we started COETAIL back in 2009, we never thought we would also become a blog-hosting service.

We just knew we wanted to have a space where you could reflect on your learning and connect with others, and we wanted to make that as seamless and easy as possible. Over the years, we have been proud to be able to provide blog-hosting service for our amazing COETAILers.

Although we’ve been active bloggers individually for many years, managing and maintaining a blog hosting service for thousands of COETAILers is entirely different. Unfortunately, we have learned (the hard way) why blog-hosting is an entirely separate business.

Beginning in late 2017, COETAIL and all of the blogs we host for COETAILers became targets for spammers. Every week, we receive tens of thousands of spam attacks on your blogs and our cohort blogs, as well as hundreds of new spam COETAIL accounts. Managing and maintaining the security of our COETAIL blogs has now become a job in and of itself.

As you know, we’re all about learning, and we would not have traded this experience for anything. It’s been a window into the realities of website hosting management, and we know much more about managing a blog-hosting service than we did 10 years ago.

However, our priority is to focus on your learning as COETAILers, and we don’t want these kinds of technical issues to stop us from improving our content, working with you, and building our program. And, we want to continue to make sure your sites (and ours) stay safe from spammers.

So, in order to ensure the security of the entire COETAIL community, we have had to change our blog hosting procedures. To keep the COETAIL community informed about the actions we have had to take, we sent the following emails in 2018 (please note that some of the links in these emails are no longer active):

**If you missed any of these emails, please resubscribe to our COETAIL alumni mailing list with a non-school email address.**

We continue to average over 10,000 brute force spamming attacks each week.

In our efforts to ensure COETAILers can continue to host their blogs on the COETAIL site while maintaining a high level of security, we will need to continue to make changes to our blog-hosting service. Beginning in October 2019, we will be transitioning to only hosting current COETAILer blogs. 


Unable to access your COETAIL blog?

As part of our attempt to reduce our susceptibility to attacks, we have had to remove blogs that are no longer active, including past cohort blogs. Are you currently unable to access your COETAIL blog? Please click the button below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!