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Paying for hosting means that you agree to take an active part in our community.

By hosting your blog with COETAIL you agree to the following:

Logging In

Please log in to COETAIL/your blog by adding /wp-login.php to your blog address (ex: and using your username, not your email address (ex: mmelayman instead of Then, in a new tab access your blog.


**Please log in at least once a month**.
To maintain a secure site please make sure you are keeping any installed plugins updated at all times.


If you are unable to login, please do not continue to attempt to login (this can be interpreted as spamming attacks by our security system). You can recover your COETAIL password here. If you no longer have access to the email you used for your COETAIL blog, please complete this form.


It is best practice to update your password regularly and ensure that it is strong. It is recommended that all COETAILers change their password immediately to one that is at least 12 characters long and includes at least 1 number, 1 capital letter and a symbol (*7^%$#@!).

Blog Size

We have implemented size restrictions on all COETAIL blogs. Individual uploads cannot exceed 2MB and total blog size cannot exceed 500MB. We know that this might be inconvenient but we hope it will make a difference going forward.

All users should:

  • Optimize current images to reduce the size of your blog. You may want to use a service like ShortPixel.
  • Check your media library and remove any duplicate image files. Sometimes you upload many copies of the same image without realizing that you can upload an image once but use it in several different blog posts/pages.
  • Remove any video and audio files from your media library. Video/audio files should always be hosted elsewhere (like YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive) and should never be uploaded directly to your blog site.  These files are very large. Once uploaded to an external site (like YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive) you can embed your video/audio in a blog post using the embed code your video/audio hosting service provides.


Before uploading new images, all users should:

  • Reduce the pixel (px) size of the images you wish to use (you can easily resize images in native photo editor apps on your computer or use a site like this). To find out how big your images are and if they might need to be resized, right-click on your image to see the info/properties. For example, 1024x724px is ample size for a large image in a blog post.  Most screen sizes are 800x600px – so images don’t need to be any larger than this. Even better, if you know you are going to use an image in your blog post that will only take up ½ of your post area, make sure that you are uploading an image that is 510x287px.  Consideration of sizing will greatly reduce the actual file size of the images you are uploading.
  • Use a free download called ImageOptim (available for Mac only, sorry!) to further
    reduce the size of your images without losing resolution quality. Windows users you can try FileOptimizer (Download here).
  • If images are still too large, compress before uploading them to your blog.



The main source of spamming attacks is through comments. You can check your comment settings in your Dashboard -> Settings -> Discussion (wp-admin/options-discussion.php).

Every time you log in to your blog, you should check the Comments section of your Dashboard (wp-admin/edit-comments.php) and mark any spam comments as Spam.

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