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Come curious, leave inspired, take action

This year has been a shift for me. I left a job in outdoor adventure education, where I took students out of the classroom and onto the water to experience activities like sailing, kayaking, powerboating and snorkeling that they may have never had the chance to do before. My job was a completely flipped classroom… Read More »

Technology, it's not all about computers!


In 1999, Disney released a film called Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century (IMDB rating of 6.5 by the way; although, my pre-teen self thought it was way better than that!) I was enamoured by the concept of living and working in a space station. The year was 2049 and the film showed technology of the… Read More »

"Beam me up, Scotty!"


Just like Hansel and Gretel, we always leave trail, especially when we are online. The question becomes – Is that always a bad thing? I do want people to be able to find me and see what I am up to when looking for a job or building a professional network. According to, 70%… Read More »



Who we are and our culture influences the way we think and imagine things. When I think of footprints I think of footprints on the beach. It is something beautiful and temporary that the gentle waves would wash away. I used to think that a  ‘digital footprint’ is something that would be gone after sometime.… Read More »

A trail of you...


Learning looks so different now that it’s almost unimaginable to predict what the education / classroom instruction will look like in ten to twenty years time. Christiaan Henny from eLearning Industry attempted to have a stab at it here and below is a snippet. He states,  “Students will be learning outside, equipped with different devices, listening to… Read More »

Principles for the Paradigm Shift


We first announced in June last year that the opportunity to continue your COETAIL journey with COETAIL 2 was coming. At that time, our goal was to start the first cohort in January of this year. Can you believe it’s already April?! Our guiding idea for COETAIL 2 was to create an experience designed specifically… Read More »

Get excited, for real this time...COETAIL 2 is coming!


ESSENTIAL QUESTION: How can we maximize the potential of technology devices in a classroom environment? Another big question for educators these days! And as you see from this week’s readings having access to technology and devices involves a lot of considerations including management, usage and balance. And with lots of news, research and variety of perspectives… Read More »

Week 5: What is a Technology Rich Classroom?


Last week I had the opportunity to attend a Japan International School Tech Gathering (JISTG) with members of my school’s tech team. It was a great chance to share strategies and ideas with other tech folks from around Japan and the topics included everything from back office maintenance to hardware providers in Japan to Seesaw.… Read More »

The Mamas and the Papas


If I could be transported to the future, let say 10 to 15 years from now, what would I see? What would learning look like? These are definitely open-ended questions for which the answers would encompass many of the topics visited during my COETAIL journey.  I could write endlessly about how technology, with the guidance… Read More »

Digital Badges Coming to a VR Theater Near You


Undeniably, our online presence is an extension of ourselves, and as such, we should care for it in the same way we care for ourselves. The World Economic Forum reports that one in five employers has turned down prospective employees after looking them up online, and the same number has fired an employee due to their… Read More »

Forget me Not


But They’re So Much Better at Technology! Today’s youth live in a media environment that is not only very different from what previous generations experienced, but is also changing at a rapid pace. Sherry Turkle, in her article Always-on/Always-on-you: The Tethered Self (2008), describes our connection to technology as a state of constant readiness to… Read More »

Technology + Kids = Precocious or Savvy?


‘Mummy, why can’t I have my own account? All my friends have it.  And only my friends can see what I post!’ One year ago, I had a challenging time with my daughter as I tried to discourage her from signing up for Having a account is not something most children would… Read More »

Only my friends can see it!

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