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If you have ever visited Japan, you will know what I mean when I say that in general, there is no bad food here. Ramen, udon, sushi, sukiyaki, tonkatsu, tempura. Every city and region has their own specialties and restaurants vie for the title of “the best ____ in town”. This past weekend, a friend… Read More »

Andragogy and Okonomiyaki


After a stretch of time, it’s good to be back amongst the COETAILers, and I’m looking forward to working through Course 5. It’s been exciting spending a bit of time on updating my blog, (my design was amongst those that were automatically changed through the COETAIL/WordPress updates) and now I’m ready to go! Reflecting on… Read More »

Audit, Analyze, Act


Hello everyone and welcome to Week 3. My apologies if I wasn’t super active last week, like many of you I was off on February break and my wife and I flew as north as we could to honeymoon and hunt for Northern Lights, feed reindeer, and enjoy some dog sledding adventures! I am thoroughly enjoying… Read More »

Let's Get Started With Week Three!


As we continue to explore visual literacy for Course 3, this week we look at the use of infographics and data visualizations. This can be one of the more challenging aspects of visual literacy to address. If we are selecting infographics or data visualizations to share with students, how to we help them learn to… Read More »

Week 5: Infographics and Data Visualizations


For several years now I have been incorporating video creation and editing into my classes.  I’ve always loved and felt it necessary to have students learning technology tools while simultaneously learning, questioning, and creating with the content of our class. My Own Experiences in Video Making & Storytelling My draw towards video production started in… Read More »

Making Storytelling Better Visually


Last week, we shared an overview of why everyone needs a coach. This week, we’re focusing on the first of five strategies you can use in your coaching toolkit, work with the willing.   Watch Kim Cofino’s video below:   Want to learn more about the coaching strategies we’re focusing on? Download our free PDF,… Read More »

Work with the Willing


I may be taking a different approach to week three’s blog, but I’ll have a go. I present everyday. You read that right. Every. Day. My Keynote presentations are part of my PYP learning environment.  As the students enter the classroom, Mr. Mac, a behavior strategy under the CHAMPS program is displayed on the SMART… Read More »



  My name is Brian and I am a lurker. I admit it I have a problem.  I have built up a professional learning network that I use for classroom ideas and to find out what new things are happening with technology in and out of the classroom.  As Jeff Utecht states in Reach, “As… Read More »

Confessions of a LURKER!


Can I just say that I love visual literacy! This is a topic I’ve never really heard called by name before and is not one I have previously ever studied; however, it is one I find really interesting and important. Over the last few years, I have become more and more interested in what makes… Read More »

Stylin' Up Your Presentations


Last year I attended the 21st century learning conference in Hong Kong. It was an amazing learning experience with many thought provoking presentations and inspirational talks. It was in one of the workshops at the conference that I first heard about Teaching and Learning in the Maker Centred Classroom course offered by the Harvard Graduate… Read More »

A part of the system


Tradition In my spare time, I am reading the book below, ‘Sapiens’ by Yuval Noah Harari. The first part of this book is about ‘The Cognitive Revolution’, which is specifically based on the advancement of humankind during what we usually term as ‘The Stone Age’. The theory (because we can only really have theories about humans… Read More »

A Story Of Human Connection, Whether Digital Or Not


Looking Back In this Course 1 blog post, I discussed the use of Flipped Classroom Pedagogy in Elementary Schools (feel free to click on those links to read up on a collection of wonderful ideas and examples). Since then, I have taken every opportunity to integrate a ‘child led’ philosophy in order to empower the students in my care, and giving… Read More »

The Hour of the Genius

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