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Come curious, leave inspired, take action

Ever since I heard about Somersaulting the Classroom, for those still on the fence about a total flip, I was intrigued. Could something like this be done with my Kindergarten students? I wasn’t 100% sold on a total flipped classroom with 5 & 6-year-old students, but I toyed with the idea all throughout my COETAIL… Read More »

Kindergarten Teaches the World


In today’s technology rich age there are so many questions and opinions around screen usage for children, as well as questions around how much is too much. In my classroom I have developed some strategies and protocols to help manage device usage and to keep students engaged in learning through the use of devices and… Read More »

To screen, or not to screen? That is the question.


So, this one was a toughie for me. I am, on a personal level, scaling back on my social media activities. I have deleted Snapchat and Facebook from my phone and the only social media I consume with any regularity is Instagram. Imagine my consternation when I had to find ways to be more engaging… Read More »

Being Engaging


We are almost at the end of this final project and my students have been working hard on making their videos for their second unit Sharing the Planet. Indeed, we are editing the videos and polishing them up. Nearing the end of the unit, we began thinking of ideas we wanted to share in our… Read More »

Progress Report


If you have been a part of a student concern meeting in the last three years, you are probably familiar with the way that some of our already struggling students are having a hard time managing their screens. “She always has her phone in her hand under her desk and when I take it away… Read More »

What if the answer is "UnPlug"?


Much research has been done about the importance of play. It’s something we know as educators, yet it’s the first thing to come off the schedule when there is too much to do. From social interaction to creativity to simply having fun and forgetting about the stresses of the world, children and adults need time… Read More »

Even Robots Need to Play


Where and how will I be teaching in 15 years time? This is an enticing question to answer. Let’s start with where. The school would be both a virtual and physical space where students, teachers and other supporting parties converge. The school will be set up in a way where the traditional grade-level groupings would… Read More »

Teaching in 2033


A couple of weeks ago I chaperoned a group of students to a choir festival in Vietnam. Between vocal warm ups and ensemble auditions, kids chatted in groups and scrolled through their Snapchat feed but quite a few of them, more than you would think, were working on school assignments and completing the tasks that… Read More »

The Future's So Bright, I've Gotta Wear VR Goggles