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Come curious, leave inspired, take action

After much reflection (and not much blogging) I have decided to retire from this space.  COETAIL allowed me to reflect and learn about so many things in this public space, and for this, I am grateful. For five years, this was a space to explore a myriad of ideas in education and as a parent. … Read More »

Thank You & Farewell (from this space)


above:  the statues of the Four Reformers from the Reformation Wall in Geneva, Switzerland:  William Farel, John Calvin, Theodore Beza, John Knox.  Did you know that even though Martin Luther started the Reformation in Germany, that he was persecuted in Germany and his ideas did not receive acceptance there?    The epicentre for the spread… Read More »

Reformation 2.0


The question of what constitutes a quality education is one that fascinates me.  It is dependent on context, culture, and perspective and is a contentious subject whether being discussed in the field of development or in western education systems.  I recently wrote on the subject in the context of Ghana – a country I spent some time… Read More »

Quality education - What is it?


One resource I find myself coming back to again and again is this provocative piece via Medium. The author is honest and thoughtful in his discussion on Twitter as a mean to engage with ‘other’: In a serendipitous moment, content strategy expert Karen McGrane posted a link to a series of 26 tweets by Marco Rogers. In a few hundred… Read More »

A five step #PrideMonth challenge for Educators


I couldn’t be more thankful for my learning experience during the course “Microcredential: The Coach” with over the last eight month. The learning was just in time (instead of just in case), meaningful und extremely relevant in the context of my work at GESS (German European School Singapore) as an Educational Technology Coach. I… Read More »

Are you learning "just in time"? Right now?


“The big news as of late has been The New York Times decision to send 1.2 million Google Cardboard units to subscribers via snail mail. Readers could download the NYTVR app, pop their smartphone into Cardboard, and watch several videos, including an 11-minute documentary on Oleg and two other children ousted from their homes by war called… Read More »

An Introduction to Immersive Journalism


Brainstorming ideas for my potential COETAIL final project was certainly more challenging that I had at first anticipated.  Finding a project that is manageable, realistic, and at the same time challenging enough to provide a real opportunity for professional growth was quite a challenge! Generating the Idea In planning for the COETAIL final project, I… Read More »

Course 4 Final Project - Looking Ahead to Course 5


I was excited to work with other teachers directly on a collaborative project. I used this project as an opportunity to get to know Jen and Lina and to connect with them on a deeper level. I wanted to work with teachers who taught different levels/subjects than I do to get a varied perspective on… Read More »

Choice is Not Just for Kids


A cliche to say, but the COETAIL courses have sped past incredibly quickly and I literally stare at my screen in disbelief that I am now coming to the end of the penultimate course – Course 4. I regard COETAIL as an experience which has been endlessly fascinating and continuously allowed me to adapt and… Read More »

Course 4 Final Project