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Come curious, leave inspired, take action

Have you ever felt overloaded by acronyms? This week I sure did. My task was to explore PBL, PBL, and CBL and how they fit into my IB PYP first grade classroom.Try saying that 3 times fast. In order to clear up any confusion and eliminate this acronym overload, let me first start off by… Read More »

Acronym Overload!


One of the roles that I manage at Canadian Academy is the role of the MYP Personal Project Coordinator. Every year kids around the world take part in this experience that brings them from the inspiration and ideas stages, through planning, taking action, and reflection. Sometimes 10th graders can get a little bit cranky about… Read More »

It's a P, B, and L sandwich!


Hoping to show up as an LGBTQ+ Ally as a curator? Here are ten ways to make sure your digital and physical shelves suggest an inclusive mindset: 1.Be a fan of the LAMBDA AWARDS and scope out recent recipients here. 2. Level up on your awareness of representation in comics here or here. 3. Vlogger/Blogger… Read More »

Ten ways to a more inclusive library


So our motto at school this year is “be flexible”. You see, after a long wait (years!) we have finally moved into our new purpose built school. Well, wait, we have all crammed ourselves into HALF the school while the other half is still being “finished”. This is Qatar after all, and we learn to… Read More »

Being Flexible


In course 1, I had the opportunity to look at various frameworks of technology integration in education and their commonalities and differences (here you can read my take on TPACK and SAMR). To recap, here are two images that highlight the key elements of both models:     When I look at my own practice,… Read More »

What before How - Technology Integration in my Classroom


One of my favorite read aloud stories is Not a Box by Antoinette Portis. The premise of the story is simple and confirms how different children and adults look at the world. In the story, the rabitty-type creature sits, stands, and wears a box while “the adults” repeatedly ask the same question: “Why are you sitting,… Read More »

it's more than a box


The biggest thing I have taken away from COETAIL thus far is developing global connections. With that in mind I knew that I wanted to take part in the global read aloud this year. With the timing of course 5 and the timing of the GRA it made sense to put my Caldecott project on… Read More »

Introducing the Final Project