Last week we (finally & officially) announced COETAIL 2! Are you as excited as I am?!

We know that COETAIL is your program. COETAIL 2 is going to be your journey…we’re eager for you to leave your legacy for the rest of the COETAIL community!

From the beginnings of COETAIL, we have been committed to empowering educators in a connected world through a community approach to learning. Now, we’re handing the driver’s seat over to you as we continue the COETAIL journey. The first COETAIL 2 cohort will go on an adventure with us and help build the COETAIL 2 Microcredential from the ground up. We’re looking for 15 trailblazing COETAILers who are eager to continue their COETAIL journey and become part of the legacy of COETAIL 2.

As a participant in the first round of COETAIL 2, you will be able to:

  • Customize your own learning journey within a variety of relevant themes, including: coaching, leadership, digital citizenship, innovative pedagogy, coding in the classroom, design thinking, gamification, and other practical options for the technology-rich classroom
  • Experience a truly personalized online learning environment, that you could re-create in the classroom with your own students;
  • Be on a collaborative virtual team with other COETAILers who are just as passionate and engaged in their professional learning as you are;
  • Connect with a small learning community of your fellow COETAIL grads including monthly group hangouts, 1:1 sessions (with me), and a private cohort messaging group;
  • Reconnect with your COETAIL blog to reflect and share your own personal learning as well as the process of developing professional growth opportunities for other educators,
  • Author guest posts on the COETAIL blog and regularly be featured on our COETAIL and Eduro social media channels;
  • Demonstrate your dedication to your own professional learning journey to a current or prospective employer;
  • Have a lasting impact on the COETAIL experience by building the COETAIL 2 Microcredential for future COETAILers, and being publicly recognized for your collaboration throughout our COETAIL and Eduro online presence.

Early next week I’ll give you a sneak peak at the COETAIL 2 info page and share a little more about myself! Keep refreshing that inbox!

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Looking for a more in depth, specialized learning experience? Interested in becoming an instructional coach? Not quite ready for the uncertainty of blazing the COETAIL 2 trail? The Coach Microcredential starts May 1st! Learn more (and register) here!