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Jun 06, 2017

COETAIL Challenge (2)


Welcome to Day 4 of the COETAIL Challenge!

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This 6-day challenge is intended to engage & grow our community of educators and celebrate our collaboration with the Google for Education Certified Trainer Program. Each day we’ll post the challenge on the COETAIL blog and send a short email with the day’s challenge.

Why should you participate?
1. To demonstrate the power of our community of educators.
2. There are giveaways!

During the past 3 days you’ve been busy connecting and expanding your professional learning network (PLN). Today, we’re increasing the value of this network.

“The COETAIL Program is designed to give participants multiple opportunities to learn and reflect on their teaching practices as they go through the courses. The feedback participants receive from the learning community is rich in ideas, suggestions and encouragement. This process is called Mastery Learning, and was shown in a paper by Bloom to increase student performance by about one standard deviation over more traditional forms of instruction and assessment.”

Mastery Learning is one of the key pedagogical foundations that COETAIL is built on. Each COETAILer keeps a blog throughout the 5 courses to share and reflect. This transparency and feedback from instructors & the COETAIL community ensures that we are always learning and growing with sharing at our center.


Today’s Challenge >>> Take a risk, take action…share!


Connect >>> Post your completed challenge to Twitter, Instagram, Google+ or Facebook with @COETAIL, #COETAIL & #GoogleET to be entered to win the giveaways and be connected with the community! Your posts can be as simple or as creative as you’d like.


Bonus >>> This week also happens to be #GooglePDWeek! We’ll be incorporating Googley challenges to celebrate our collaboration with @GoogleForEdu#GoogleET.

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