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Oct 30, 2013

During the Learnign2 COETAIL Meet Up we asked those that attended how we can improve COETAIL. Marcello Mongardi from Oman along with others asked “What’s next”? It was a great questions that Kim and I weren’t really thinking about but now are. Marcello even throw out the idea of COETAIL Coaches. That COETAIL graduates could in some way volunteer to help coach COETAILers. The idea was that people need a reason to continue to reflect, continue to blog and just want to keep learning which means being active in a community…what better community to be active in than the COETAIL one. 🙂

Photo Credit: Euan via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Euan via Compfight cc

So we are in the process of brainstorming what this might look like. One idea would be that a COETAIL Coach would be a coach for a reason. We know that timezones are frustrating. However what if we had coaches in timezone areas that would be able to hold COETAIL Hangouts once a month to get people in that timezone together. The cohort you are in doesn’t matter…what matters is coming together and supporting each other where we’re at. The coaches would be available to help out in a pinch via e-mail or a hangout if someone is having an issue and the instructor is timezones away sleeping.

That’s just one idea we have….if you like the idea of COETAIL Coaches and have ideas of your own please let us know about it in the replies. Your ideas, feedback and interesting will help shape what this looks like….and what an exciting idea for sure. Oh…and we’ll create a COETAIL Coaches badge for you to display and use on a resume. 😉