We first announced in June last year that the opportunity to continue your COETAIL journey with COETAIL 2 was coming. At that time, our goal was to start the first cohort in January of this year. Can you believe it’s already April?!

Our guiding idea for COETAIL 2 was to create an experience designed specifically for graduates of the COETAIL program wishing to continue learning the COETAIL way. We wanted it to be everything you loved about COETAIL, times 2. Our original plan was for COETAIL 2 to be comprised of 3 required courses (think coaching, leadership, digital citizenship) + 12 weeks of courses of your choice. However, as we started to dive into the details of COETAIL 2, we realized there was an important voice missing…YOURS!

Last week, Kim, Chrissy & I decided to stop controlling your next learning journey and allow you to get in the driver’s seat. We want to fully live by our ethos of “for educators, by educators” by giving you the opportunity to get involved in building COETAIL 2 from the ground up. Intrigued? We hope so!

We’re looking for 15 COETAILers to take the risk and become part of the legacy of COETAIL 2. We’re intentionally limiting the first cohort to only 15 participants so we can truly dive deep with you and create the learning path for the COETAIL community. We are very excited to collaborate with you to create something customized for COETAILers, with COETAILers!

Here’s where we want to go, now we need you to help us find the best path!

  • A COETAIL 2 cohort that will begin in September 2018 and end in May 2019.
  • An academic year-long learning experience comprised of 22-26 weeks of courses.
  • Only one required course, a 3-week personalized learning course.
  • A community-learning experience with regular interaction, collaboration, and live facilitated sessions with your cohort of COETAIL 2 learners, your mentor (me!), and COETAIL co-founders Jeff Utecht and Kim Cofino.

Think you might want to be part of this adventure?

  • Applications will open in May and close in June.
  • As a thank you for your involvement and feedback, the first COETAIL 2 cohort will pay less than half what it will cost once we open it up to the entire COETAIL community.
  • We’ll be sending out more details in the coming weeks so that you can begin to prepare!

Keep an eye on your inbox early next week for our next installment of details! I can’t wait to collaborate with you to tailor the COETAIL 2 learning experience for educators around the world.

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