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Nov 09, 2019

Deep, equitable learning is our responsibility, and frameworks can help us evaluate where we are and set goals for where we want to be. Participants will explore emerging learning theories and design personalized learning experiences in order to accommodate learner differences. This course will prepare participants to begin Course 5.

ISTE Standard for Educators: Designer

Module 1 Course 4
Unit 1 Welcome to Course 4!
Unit 2 Understanding the Course 4 Final Project
Unit 3 Course 5 Expectations
Unit 4 Week 1: Frameworks for Learning
Unit 5 Week 2: Partners in Learning
Unit 6 Week 3: Learning Deeply, Digitally
Unit 7 Week 4: Unleashing Deep Learning
Unit 8 Week 5: Putting Deep Learning into Practice
Unit 9 Week 6: Final Project