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I recently returned from the EARCOS Teacher’s Conference where we were able to have a #COETAIL meet up. To the right is a pic of everyone who joined us for a few hours of getting to know each other, talking everything COETAIL and just meeting the community.

My favorite part of every meet up is when people who have been reading each other for a year finally meet in person. At some point at every meet up I over hear “Yeah…I know you…I’ve been reading your blog for a year now”. What comes next is usually a funny exchange of looks, then the realization that what we talk about here at COETAIL is real. That these connections are not as strong as face to face connections, but they are connections all the same, they have power, they have meaning.

We had four people join the meet up from Online2….I think all four took pleasure in learning that non of them are close to finishing their Course 5 final project. 🙂

We had four people from the “Original Cohort” that took place at ISBangkok in 2009. It was great to have them there and to see just how far this program has come.

We had four COETAIL instructors join us. A great way to to see no matter where you take COETAIL or who your instructor is, we’re all part of one big community.

We had people just starting the program in the Online4 cohort, we had people who finished last December in the Online1 cohort. In fact, reflecting back on it…..we pretty much had every cohort represented.

We all know how small the International teaching community is, and then you add #COETAIL on top of that and it gets even smaller. I strongly encourage each and everyone one of you no matter what conference you go to……try to find other COETAILers. Find time to have a COETAIL meet up and enjoy the community and each other. You don’t need an instructor to create a meet up. You just need a hashtag and a place to meet.

A big thanks to @rappino for his help in organizing the COETAIL meet up. If you want to know how this one got organized here’s how it happened.

And that’s how you create a COETAIL meet up.

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