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Portfolio blogs in middle school: Public or private?

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    Hello fellow middle school teachers,

    I’ve recently begun having my students give feedback to each other by commenting on each other’s portfolio blog posts. Some students seemed a bit uncomfortable letting their classmates view their blogs, as they are accustomed to using it as a communication tool for sharing their work with their parents and, in some cases, teachers. I wanted them to enjoy the benefits of having a wider audience of readers, as I’ve experienced with COETAIL. I was wondering whether other middle schools use student portfolio blogs this way, and whether the blogs are set to be public or private…? Just curious to hear other teachers’ thoughts on this. Thanks!

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    Hi there,

    Sorry for responding to this post so late, I just came across it and it has a lot to do with my Course Five Project. For my project I wanted to motivate students to write more in their E-Portfolio blogs. We just had this awesome STEM festival and I paired 6th graders up with 8th graders that were doing the same project. I also presented to a group of parents inviting them and other family members (far away) to take part in commenting. I was hoping that these two things would increase student motivation for blogging. Very few blogging buddies and relatives actually took the time to read and comment on the student blogs and my plan failed. Teachers complained that they just didn’t have enough time to incorporate this activity into their lessons. I think most parents just didn’t find the time to read their children’s posts either.
    Now I am thinking about opening some of these blogs up to the world, with students’ permission. My admin feels a bit hesitant on this as they are concerned with student feelings being hurt if someone leaves an inappropriate comment. I think we should take the risk, especially if the child is willing to share their reflections about learning. I need to reach the Redifinition level for my project and making the student E-Portfolio blogs public would do this. What are your feelings/ advice on this topic? Does your school do reflective E-Portfolio blogs? Are the students at your school motivated to write and reflect about their learning or is it something that they have to do?

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