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Jan 28, 2019

Interact with our current COETAIL cohorts!

Did you know that we currently have over 20 educators on various COETAIL learning paths?! We haven’t properly introduced them and want to take this opportunity to make sure that our community knows who they are so you can give them the encouragement that we’re known for!

One of our goals is to share more of what’s happening around the COETAIL community. We’d love your involvement!

  • Follow current COETAILers (below) on Twitter.
  • Add their blogs to your favorite RSS reader.
  • Subscribe to the COETAIL & COETAIL 2 Twitter lists.
  • Are you a COETAILer on Twitter but aren’t on our list? Let us know!
  • Share your learning and your students’ learning experiences using #COETAIL – we’re going to be better about spotlighting what’s happening in our community!
  • Have other ideas about how we can engage the COETAIL community? Reach out!

We can’t wait to learn & grow with you as we continue to make COETAIL truly a community approach to learning. 

Our Online 10 cohort, facilitated by Ange Molony, has been learning & growing together since February 2018. After completing the first 4 COETAIL courses, they are ready to embark on Course 5. Over the next 3 months, they will make their learning come alive in classrooms around the world! Follow along and support them as they transform learning via their blogs.

Our Online 11 cohort, facilitated by Tanya LeClair, just began Course 1!They’re one of our most spread out cohorts to date with 11 hours difference between West & East ? They’ve already started sharing about why they chose COETAIL and their learning goals. Head over to their blogs to welcome them to our community!

In August 2018, four COETAILers embarked on a personalized learning journey together with me as their mentor. We didn’t know exactly what the experience would be like, but we knew we wanted participant input at the core. With individualized learning plans based on their goals, these intrepid COETAILers are growing on their own terms. Learn with them!