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Dec 07, 2010

There are two different ways you can take part in the CoETaIL experience. You can join or start a local cohort in your city/school or you can join the online cohort.

Local Cohorts

Local cohorts are a community of educators that meet part time in a face to face setting as well as take advantage of the technology as they learn it to complete the CoETaIL courses. The advantage of a local cohort is that a school can bring together educators and build common understanding and technology capacity within their organization. Schools that have used this approach have seen great gains in appropriate and authentic technology use in the classroom to enhance the learning of students. International School Bangkok and Taipei American School have both used this model with great success.

The down side to this model is that a school needs to find an instructor to run the course. Whether it be someone internal or contracting out to a SUNY adjunct professors such as Kim Cofino and Jeff Utecht (co-founders of this program), finding an instructor who is knowledgeable with technology, pedagogy and the future of learning is critical to making this certificate program work.

Online Cohort

Our first online cohort will begin March, 2011 as we partner with EARCOS and SUNY-Buffalo State to make available this program to all educators in the Asia region. The online cohort will meet together face to face for the first course at the EARCOS Teachers Conference in March 2011 (Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia) and again for the fifth course at EARCOS Teachers Conference in March 2012 (Bangkok, Thailand).

Courses 2,3,4 will be done online utilizing the Internet and the tools that we set up in the first course when we meet together face-to-face.

The online cohort allows educators who live in Asia in remote areas, or in schools not large enough to sponsor a local cohort the ability to still take part in this great learning opportunity. Although not a full online certificate program we are hoping to move that way in the future. If you are interesting in taking part in the Online Cohort registration is now open and you can sign up on the Online Cohort site.