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  • Joel Bevans wrote a new post, Alike…curiosity, creativity and schools, on the site Future Wise 1 year, 7 months ago

    “We’re all born curious, creative and imaginative.” 
    These are the words of Tony Wagner, who has promoted educational innovation through his work with Harvard University, Keynote speeches and books.

    As babies […]

    • Hi Matt,
      Thanks so much for stopping by and taking time to read my thoughts and watch Alike. I really like the film and I think it shares many important messages. One of them, as you rightly say, is about the link between creativity, freedom and happiness and wellbeing.
      As educators I believe we are doing our students such a disservice if we are not allowing them opportunities for creativity and expression. There should always be opportunities for children to be able to show their learning in a way that works for them.
      I think it is important that all education systems around the world make sure that there opportunities for children to follow their passions and for the them to move the learning in a direction that helps them continue as a learner. If we are not doing this then maybe we are just creating children who are all the same, grey in colour, with a dull sadness ( like the film). I think it is time for a change. Lets bring some colour and excitement to school.
      All the best,

    • Hi Joel, I watched this video during Sonya’s L2 session this year. I think I’ll show it this fall when I do some staff PD as a reminder to each of us that education must focus on the needs of the students. If we as educators truly put this at the heart of our decision making, I think we can change what education looks like today. I feel like I’m constantly referring to Sam Sherratt’s L2 talk from 2015 called Breaking Moulds, but it is a good watch. He talks about the need for schools to break out of the archaic system they have become and find a new path. I couldn’t agree more. Your post helps remind me that there is a group of like minded educators out there, looking to move beyond the very structured system school has become in hopes of finding more creativity and freedom for our students.

      • Hi Carrie,
        Thanks for the comments and the link…I will definitely check it out.
        I think education needs to do a better job of giving children skills that are going to be useful in their life time. Education needs to be creative and expressive and it needs to move to meet the needs of our diverse classrooms, schools. I think it is our role to allow children to shine and to give them a platform so share what they know or what they have found out. School should never be a one size fits all system. Let’s celebrate our differences,lets enjoy our diversity, lets collaborate together because together we are stronger.
        We need to make changes for the future, so that we give our students the skills to succeed in their life time.
        Thanks for your comments Carrie.

    • Joel,
      I saw this video as well and thought how true of some schools and teachers. I have tried to spend my time in education being the risk-taker and “outside of the box” thinker and I hope that it shows in my students. I think that when we worry too much about falling in line with what is “normal” we risk student’s futures.

      Who knows what normal will look like in 10-15 years. I doubt many people thought smartphone use would be “normal” in 2017. I just finished drafting a post where when we as teacher only show students that we are experts and never show them how to become an expert by making mistakes we never show them what the correct process is for achieving success. We then expect them to understand what the process is and not expect success right away but they have never seen someone go through it.

      Be a risk-taker, try new things, don’t go with the flow!

      • Hi Cary,
        Thanks for your comments. I completely agree with you.
        I think that one of our roles as educators is to model that we take risks, make mistakes and that it is good to think differently. By modelling this behaviour we are showing our students that this is something that we value and think is important. Usually we will see similar behvaiour replicated in our classrooms. Modelling collaboration, creativity, and life long learning in the classroom shows our values to our students. It is so important that educators share these skills with their students.
        The future of education is an unknown quantity, as is technology and it’s use in the classroom. So lets give children the skills that they might need in their lifetime.
        Thanks again for your comments.

    • Hi Joel,

      What some amazing food for thought in this post! Love the idea of an ATL… I’d be interested in finding more about that. Do you have anymore info or can you direct me to some further reading? It is also very useful to think about the articles that I am reading through different lenses, as a teacher, learner, trainer and user of technology. I like the way this blog as really got me to think about how I read and relate to articles – so thank you.

      It really is a scary world in which we are required to be reminded that kids need to be kids! Encouraging them to be rebels and take chances!
      Thank you for posting.