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  • For the past two years my Grade 10 students have formed partnerships and sold products at our school’s Habitat for Humanity flea market. Here are some photos of the students and their products.

    Although this […]

  • blairlockhart posted a new activity comment 1 year, 9 months ago

    Hi Abbey,

    Only 10 hours! A light day for me. I am constantly online. At school my classes are all online, therefore my planning is too. That makes 7:30 – 4:00 (minus lunch) = around 7 hours. Then, apart from a trip to the gym & pool & eating dinner, I use my home laptop, then play a few games of online scrabble on the ipad before lights out.…[Read more]

    • I agree that the type of screen time is important to balance. I need to get better at cutting out some of my passive screen time. I have noticed recently that after I watch a TV show I am in a bad mood or more emotional than usual. This is a sign that the type of screen time I have is worth balancing.

  • blairlockhart posted a new activity comment 1 year, 9 months ago

    Hi Suzy,

    Is Touchcast only an Ipad app? I tried to use it on my laptop but there didn’t seem to be a create button.


  • Reflect on your own use of devices in the classroom and at home.

    I am going to wear 3 different hats while writing this post;
    1. A teacher in a class where each student has 2 online devices
    I insist that […]

    • Dear Blair,
      Thank you for this reflective post. I can relate to every point you have raised regarding the use of digital devices as a teacher, as a parent and a student. I have been reflecting recently on ways to find balance time online and offline. However, given what I do on a daily basis and my interests, I depend on technology as a tool to accomplish tasks that make me feel accomplished. Like you, I use technology in almost every class because it is indispensable to access authentic material in a language class, to research and create… As a department head and instructional coach, I have to use technology for most of the communication and collaboration. As a life long learner, Internet provides great sources for knowledge construction and learning. Last night just before going to bed, I was communicating with my sister in Europe via Watsupp and a really nice chat, I was grateful that we can use technology to stay close to our family and friends.
      Back to balance, I like your point about being a role model. I ask my 2 sons to put down their Ipads all the time. I am not sure why I don’t like it when I see them busy with their devices…. It’s kind of hypocritical because I use my devices a lot and around them. I wonder if it’s because they are still young and still haven’t developed a critical mind to approach digital tools effectively…. I need to be more reflective on what kind of messages I am sending my kids when I talk about the use of devices.
      I totally agree with your last point regarding engagement. When my students (and my kids) are not interested or engaged, that’s when they get off task and start checking other stuff on their devices. Engagement in meaningful tasks is one of the answers. Technology isn’t really the issue.
      I think as long as we balance our time and teach our students and kids to do so (I like that you are strict about kid bed time- so am I), we shouldn’t worry too much about how much time we spend online. It all depends on what we are doing online…

    • Hi Suzy,

      Is Touchcast only an Ipad app? I tried to use it on my laptop but there didn’t seem to be a create button.


  • blairlockhart posted a new activity comment 1 year, 9 months ago

    Hi Magali,
    I love your opening, “don’t we, educators, need to have a growth mindset?”. I agree 100% & also commented on this in my latest post. I find a lot of resistance to tech integration, and change in general, in my school & this disappoints me.
    I tend to have a different outlook with another of you statements though, “Easy to say when w…[Read more]

    • Hi Blair,
      Thank you for reading my blog and for your comment.
      I feel the same with your disappointment in both the growth mindset and the connected educator.
      As for tech integration, you’re right too. I teach primary grades and I have some K1 students who are eating crayons and scissors ( yes, it happened!!). I know that it’s doable. I don…[Read more]

  • Will education as we know it change because of technology? Where and how will you be teaching in 5, 10, 15 years time?

    Considering the monumental changes that have already occurred due to the introduction of […]

  • Reverse Instruction/Flipped Classroom

    This refers to a method of teaching and learning where students are introduced to subject content at home, through the use of videos, and then class time is used for […]

  • blairlockhart posted a new activity comment 1 year, 10 months ago

    Hi Trina,
    A thoughtful post. Great to see your enthusiasm for BLs, “(I kind of have to be as that’s the model my school has adopted)” lol
    I wish my school was heading in the same direction, but as mainly an IBDP teacher I am largely dictated to by the powers to be, at the IBO.
    Along with you, I see the 3 different BLs as largely achieving the s…[Read more]

  • blairlockhart posted a new activity comment 1 year, 10 months ago

    Hi Lyndsey,
    A thoughtful post. I can relate to most of your frustrations, as I am going or have gone through them too.
    Some reflections on your post;
    – Does tech integration need to be “daily classroom practices”?
    – Does tech integration need to be “Facilitated by a teacher who understands the tool and teaches their students how to use the…[Read more]

  • Assignment: Write a blog post reflecting on your understanding of project, problem and challenge based learning and how how it applies to your curricular area, grade level, and own theory on technology in the […]

  • blairlockhart posted a new activity comment 1 year, 10 months ago

    No, but considering SAMR, we need to strive for better

  • I decided to use some Course 3 skills to illustrate my thoughts on ‘What is technology integration?’. My main idea  is that it is not a straight-forward answer as it depends on by whom and how;


    Using t […]

    • Hi Blair,

      I like how you brought in past courses to help explain your thinking. It made me want to read it instead of skim.
      Under bad technology integration you said “is merely a substitution for traditional methods.” Are you saying all substitution task are bad integration?


    • Blair,

      The info graphic that you present is a very cool way to reflect on technology in your classroom. In regards to your redefinition, I really like the idea of having students follow and comment on famous economists twitter accounts. Not only is this genuine engagement with the content of the course, but students are able see what economics looks like as a study in the “real world”. Very neat. It is also a good way to teach digital citizenship and how to correctly engage in dialogue on social media like twitter. Students will soon learn that academic register is probably the easiest way to get economists to respond to and engage their ideas. Have you had any success with this?

      This reminds me of a unit I did with my grade 10’s a couple years ago teaching the skills of writing a formal research paper. They were tasked to research a living published author and explore how the author’s life and context shape the message of their writing. I had many students fascinated by the idea that most published authors also work on university campuses, and many sent e-mails to the authors with planned and thought out interview questions about their life and context. None however responded themselves, and the ones that did respond simply sent a link from their website to the biography tab. Although fruitless at the end of the day, it was a good exercise to engage someone “in the business” with technology.

    • Blair,

      Thanks for posting this infographic about technology integration—it is a great, concise summary of the main goals of integration, and I like how it gives the criteria for the “innovator” and the “laggard.” For myself, however, I don’t agree that finding technology integration “time-consuming,” and “intimidating” qualifies that person as a laggard. Certain endeavours with integration simply do take up a lot of time. Also, while I do get excited about planning units that integrate and utilize technology, I find the whole process of global collaboration ( a bit intimidating. I do plan on trying this next school year, but from talking with teachers who have already done global collaboration projects, I know it is both a time-consuming and laborious undertaking. I guess it’s whether or not teachers choose to take on that challenge that determines their status as a laggard or innovator.

      You have some great ideas in your list, “More Redefinition.” I just looked at Verso, and can definitely see how that could potentially redefine previous writing units I have done on debate and persuasive writing.

  • 5 weeks ago I was skeptical of the relevance of Course 3 to me and my classroom. Fast forward to today and I have revitalised my presentations, created infographics and finally created a video to integrate into my […]

    • As I read your post I could relate to the self reflection you have just gone through. Looking back at my presentations to my students, I too found them not very visually appealing, however, now I create my lessons using google slides. I try to have each slide along the journey as a visual or video where appropriate and I know my students are so much more engaged. I haven’t used google draw to create my infographics, instead I used piktochart, but it is always good to find new tools, so I will check that out. I am sure your students will appreciate all the time you put into making your video, that is a road I haven’t yet ventured down…. !!!

  • This week is really tailored-made to my needs. I have been marveling at the awesome data visualisations and considering the multitude of uses and outright relevance to my subject area. Economics is of course rich […]

  • blairlockhart posted a new activity comment 1 year, 12 months ago

    Hi Megan,
    Thanks for sharing the great resources. They will be helpful in my quest to introduce storytelling into my classroom.I have certainly had my eyes opened about this subject. I had no idea just how developed the movement of storytelling is and how many resources are available.
    From your post I take it you are an IT integrator. As a…[Read more]

  • “Digital storytelling is the practice of combining narrative with digital content, including images, sound, and video, to create a short movie, typically with a strong emotional component.” 7 Things You Should […]

    • Thanks for sharing, Blair. Your last example about China’s currency manipulation is clever – do you know what was used to make it? GoAnimate could probably do something like that, but the visual style of your example is a bit different.

      I find that the “emotional” component of digital storytelling makes it less useful at higher grade levels, although the broader concept of using video to explain a concept is still valuable. One thing I’ve helped some AP Language classes to do is to create op-ed monologues similar to what you’d see on Last Week Tonight or the Daily Show; you combine many of the same elements but include more live-action footage from online sources like YouTube and leave out the personal emotional component (although appeals to ethos, pathos and logos may still be appropriate). See for an example. Two advantages are that you can have a lot of fun by injecting some humor while retaining academic content, and op-ed monologues are more “authentic” in that they’re an established form of professional TV and you can pull examples from the Daily Show, Rachel Maddow, Bill O’Reilly, etc.

    • Hello Blair,
      Great post and lot of exciting work ahead for your students!
      You could also use touchcast with them to create their own historical news and report on economic events! You can use it with an ipad or with a desktop. You need a green wall.
      Thank you for sharing

  • blairlockhart posted a new activity comment 2 years ago

    Thanks a lot. Chart tool looks great

  • After the week’s readings & videos I realised my presentations weren’t so bad after all. The content of the slides were useful. Just not as presentation slides! They could easily be used as a student handout or […]

    • Wow, by changing your image and telling a story you totally changed the impression and feeling of the whole lesson. Using a problem they see at school is a great way to pull them in and relate the content to their lives. Garr would be proud.

      I also like what you did with the task, by simplifying it with the removal of the words and directions. This is something they will be able to follow along with you during the lesson, so the directions aren’t needed. This looks great!

      This is a really good post about data and visualization ( Dr. Rosling takes time to explain the graph set up to the audience to ensure they understand it later. I know economics can get confusing and complicated, so maybe it’s something that will help you in the future.


  • blairlockhart posted a new activity comment 2 years ago

    Hi Paul,

    Hope your exam period is going well. I doubt it is going well for the students though,…Exams…Yuck. And at such a young age, is that really necessary? Apart from bi-annual MAP testing, our students don’t have school based exams until Grade 9. Even then, I often wonder what the benefit is and regret the lost time. Unfortunately…[Read more]

  • blairlockhart posted a new activity comment 2 years ago

    Thanks Kyle. Textbook is mostly kept at home for reading & homework exercises. We keep digital copies for reference if needed in class. Just can’t stand seeing kids loaded down with books!

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