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  • Carrie Zimmer wrote a new post, binge watching 101., on the site 1 year, 9 months ago

    Browsing through the prompts provided for this month’s challenge, I was curious to find Netflix pop up in one. I mean, it’s my go to procrastination stop when I should be doing so many other more valuable things. […]

    • Hi Carrie,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Netflix revolution! It is crazy to think that just a few years ago streaming services were so expensive and not for the mainstream. Now Netflix is everywhere… and you are right it is so addictive. “Oh I will just watch one more” must be the most used phrase whilst binge watching a series or two!
      Is it the addictive nature of cliffhangers that keep is wanting more or is it the ability to watch whatever we want it on demand (our terms)?
      I suppose it is a little like education, when it is done well. Good teaching and learning will want the learner wanting more.. it should ignite a spark in them that they can then revisit at a later time. It also makes me think about the tailored education systems that meet the diverse needs of the students because Netflix allows you to watch what you want. It is not a one size fit all approach where everyone must watch House of Cards, for instance. It gives you choice.
      Netflix took the old television format and remixed it to a more personalised format…that is what needs to happen more in education so that children have more opportunities for personalised learning.
      Thanks for making me think.
      Some suggestions for Summer Viewing
      Master of None
      House of Cards
      Better Call Saul
      Stranger things
      Black Mirror
      Abstract:The art of Design

    • Hi Carrie,

      Your post also makes me wonder how accessible ‘school’ is for students who would want to ‘binge learn.’ Are we making sure that there are not only bread crumbs leading back for those needing support—-but ‘next episode’ features for students wanting to push forward on their own?

      I think Netflix and new media have pointed to a trend where the user is empowered to set the pace. How can we leverage that in the classroom?

      Have you head of the Portuguese series called The 3%? I really love the premise and find it highly relevant. For new shows, I am an avid listener and fan of a podcast by Slate called The Slate Culture Gabfest. Their recommendations are always spot on.