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Dema Dabat

  • So this is what it all comes down to; the crux of this course, all the lessons I’ve learned culminating in my last project and the skills I have acquired. Surprisingly I’m a little nostalgic and sad to see this […]

  • I honestly cannot believe that this is the final project for COETAIL! I did it! I am very excited to be sharing with you my final project for course 5. Looking back at this course, I thought I would never be able […]

  • Reflecting back on my COETAIL experience, I was a little surprised to notice how far outside of my own comfort zone I was forced to go. For those of you who know me, this may come as a shock (most of my peers […]

  • I can’t believe that the final course has finally dawned, and to be honest…I’m excited! This COETAIL project gives me the opportunity to not only assess my own growth, but that of my students, and witness the a […]

  • Dema Dabat posted a new activity comment 10 months, 1 week ago

    Hi Mariam,

    Firstly, must give you credit for the throwback to the “trapper keeper”! What fond memories you evoked of my own student life. It is crazy to see how laptops have literally changed the face of education as we know it and trying to find ways to maximise the learning advantages these tech devises can offer can be overwhelming and…[Read more]

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  • I have created a unit for my grade 1 reading class for our upcoming Meeting Characters and Learning Lessons unit. I found a way to integrate technology into my class that can teach students to be independent […]

  • Technology in the classroom has become a hot-button topic on which there appears to be 2 main stances:

    It is a useful tool that can enhance, improve and advance education
    It is a distraction that should be a […]

  • Dema Dabat posted a new activity comment 1 year ago


    Thank you so much for sharing your top educational app picks. While I was familiar with some such as seesaw, others are new and I am excited to test and try them out. Is there one in particular that you think is best suited for use in grade 1?

  • Dema Dabat posted a new activity comment 1 year ago

    Hey Disha,

    Your opening sentence resonated with me; I constantly question whether I do am doing enough to integrate technology into my classroom and make sure that my students skills are adequate for the 21 century. I know it seems like a strange worry to have given that I am a first grade teacher but I have witnessed, and tell me if you have…[Read more]

  • “How do I see my classroom in 5, 10, 15 years?” This is probably one of the hardest questions to answer, because when I think to 5 years back, when I first started teaching at AISR, I could never have assumed that […]

  • This week’s assignment made me very excited, as the topic of reverse-learning and gamification is of great interest to me. The only downfall for me is that fact that, as a 1st grade teacher, it is hard for me to […]

    • Hey Dema,

      I like how you express your feelings towards play despite the pressures to teach the curriculum and all the work that is often associated with work.

      It’s true, if school isn’t fun, students won’t be engaged. Like you said, “Play and work do not need to be divided; both are not mutually exclusive ideas.” Maybe we can even try to remind ourselves of this at work too!

      Prodigy was such a great find last year! I too have seen and heard about entranced kids have become by playing this game! How cool that gamification has led a learning revolution at school allowing us to incorporate fun and games while still justifying learning.

      Khan Academy has used the ‘level up’ and badge mentality in their platform for years now but I always thought that it lacked when it came to ECE. Now, however, Khan Academy and Duck, Duck, Moose have merged somewhat in an effort to create more engaging games and learning opportunities for our youngest learners. Check out their new apps on the app store and check out this blog post for more about their collaboration (

      All the best!

    • I love how you use Prodigy in your classroom Dema. I heard your students talking about it in the art room and just assumed it was a game that was not related to learning. How wonderful that you made learning so enjoyable that they are discussing it at leisure.

      Noura sent me a great article that has helped me consider play-based learning with a new direction. The article argues that play should be planned and integrated into the curriculum. I see that Prodigy does that very well for you. In my classroom I am aiming to have play objectives as extensions in order to push and challenge creativity.

      I am excited for the changes I see around the ECE rooms at AIS-R. Our staff truly cares about the learning of our students, and we are clearly aiming to make learning accessible and enjoyable for our young learners.

  • For this week’s assignment, after reviewing the reading materials and thinking about Problem-Based Learning, the first thought that came into my mind was a quote;

    “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. […]

  • I’m a firm believer that technology is advancing at a rate beyond our own evolution; we seem to be caught up in a never ending game of “keeping up with the Joneses”. That is why when faced with the question of how […]

    • First of all, thank you so much Dema for writing a post that made me want to respond with a comment. You prodded my thinking and what I believe philosophically about technology in Education. That’s awesome!

      I’m going to push back a little on your statement “I don’t believe we can ever reach the “Redefinition” phase of the SAMR model”. I don’t see SAMR as a beginning to end model. (What I mean is – that you start at the bottom and work your way to the top and then you’re done). I see it as “cyclic” and not static. It’s different for everything you do – when you apply the SAMR in your classroom, you may find yourself at the S for one subject or one year level; M in a different subject or with a different age group and possibly A in another class or subject. There could be various reasons for being at those particular levels. Perhaps the technology tool available isn’t quite ready to perform beyond what we’re after yet. Or perhaps it’s about comfort level. For example, Science just isn’t my thing – so that tended to be where technology integration at the S or A level was more where I was at – and that’s ok (what’s not ok is if I just stayed using tech at that level and never tried to move forward). That’s what SAMR is really about. You don’t have to be at R all the time – that’s unrealistic – remembering that R is about doing something with students that previously wasn’t possible without technology. It’s not about the whiz-bangy-tool and knowing how to use it really well – it’s about the learning that the use of technology makes possible. A great example is globally connecting, communicating and creating something with others who aren’t even in the same country as we are. That’s not possible without technology! There’s no way you can do that (realistically) without using technology.

      I don’t believe it is about using all the technology tools and “keeping up with the Joneses” – I believe it’s about ‘not using technology for technology’s sake’ using it instead to really redefine or transform the learning for our students in ways not possible before without the technology. That’s what’s challenging and that’s what’s exciting!

    • Dema-

      Right On!
      Successful technology integration in the classroom, how does it look? I agree with you when you mention the support that is needed to make it successful.

      I deem myself as being successful with using tech on a daily basis in the classroom. My classroom is filled with 8th grade science students that routinely use their own laptops to work on the task at hand every day. AND I do feel that I have come a long way from using the model of one computer for the whole class – back in the old days. BUT I do struggle to stay on top of what is new and fresh and relevant for the students to use for their projects. I do not want my students mired down in Powerpoints or Google slides or Prezis when there is a smorgasbord of alternatives. I find the students, like their teachers, will fall back on the tried and true forms of tools if not encouraged to find something different – choice.

      We have recently gained a tech coach in my middle school who will provide the teachers with a broader repertoire of tools to encourage and diversify our learning as well as the students. Right Andrew? All assistance makes tech successful in the classroom.

  • Dema Dabat posted a new activity comment 1 year, 10 months ago


    I enjoyed reading about your final project. I also choose to recreate my back to school night presentation. Looking through your new presentation I really like the simplicity, the colors, and most of all the pictures. Your presentations shows your learning from the course and I think it will be much easier to use next year. I like how you…[Read more]

    • Hey there – sorry i did not see this sooner! Fingers crossed we both have a more positive impact and effect in our presentations this yr, I can’t believe that they wont! Will check in with u come the big day!

  • Dema Dabat posted a new activity comment 1 year, 10 months ago

    Hey Disha,

    Love your ideas in this post. We can definitely take them and bring them to grade 1 too. Our first graders are comfortable with using many of the apps and can do their opinions pieces on them. Kids can find their pictures, create books, use their voices and post them on seesaw. We can even have the kids appsmash with the apps Andrew…[Read more]

  • I remember walking into a class and seeing the screen down and a power point presentation uploaded and ready for us to learn. Of course being a high school or a college student my first thought would be “here we […]

  • Infographics are extremely useful when teaching students. They are a simple way for students to gather the information they need through a picture. I didn’t realize how many ways infographics can be used. I […]

    • Dema,
      I would be interested to learn the impact of infographics on the first graders you teach. With my eighth graders I find that they enjoy the simplicity/complexity that an infographic can use to depict information. It provides students with the pictures/text that varies from the paragraphs that middle schoolers are reading. With the example you provided I can see how the visual representation provides younger students the visual images of the tigers to show the difference in numbers.

      Kathy Schrock’s article on using Infographic Assessments was extremely helpful. I have always used her talents for gathering useful sites for teachers. I was ignorant of this post and very glad to find it. I am trying to incorporate this type of assessment for my own students and want to see how they can show their understanding.

      I think it would be great to see to see some of the results your first graders come up with when making their own infographics. Feel free to share!

  • This week’s assignment was probably one of the most interesting for me in terms of considering what the future of education will be. The course readings highlighted the evolution of education throughout the c […]

  • Dema Dabat posted a new activity comment 1 year, 11 months ago

    Hey Disha. Love the idea of using this picture for our Social Studies unit. I have also written this post about the same unit, but using a different picture. We can combine the two for the unit and see how it will affect our students learning next year. Your picture will cover the goods and services part, where mine can cover the needs and wants.…[Read more]

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