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Disha Gadhia

  • I feel that my final course 5 project on Digital Essays has been a success! When I first started brainstorming where to start, I was a little overwhelmed. So, needless to say I am thrilled that I was able to pull […]

  • Creating my own PLN has definitely been a journey for me! It feels like it comes so naturally to so many people but to me, it felt like an arduous task .When Coetail first started, I began by commenting on […]

  • Hello fellow ELL teachers! I wanted to share a great website that I just learned about from one of my colleagues that would be useful with ELL students and reading. We all know the importance of finding texts that are “just right” for our students. However, sometimes with our ELL students who are beginners it is hard to find texts that are…[Read more]

  • production is about to begin on digital stories! The grade four students who I am working on this project with have finished writing their persuasive essays. Finishing their essays was the prerequisite to be able […]

  • After writing my last Coetail blog post, This or That? – Course 4: Final Project it was nice to be able to step away from my ideas and not think about them for a bit. However, once we

    got back from our […]

  • As I started to think about my final project, there was no one unit or idea that seemed to jump out at me immediately. There were a couple of questions I asked myself to try and

    narrow down my choices. What […]

  • Disha Gadhia posted a new activity comment 1 year, 3 months ago

    Hi Bettina,

    I loved how you created a chart to help you reflect on how much you use technology and devices in the classroom! As I read through your list, I realized that I also use so many of the same tech resources or devices as well! They are integrated so seamlessly into our workday that I almost forget how much we do rely on technology…[Read more]

  • You always hear people talking about the importance of finding balance. Whether it be between their work life and social life, spending time with family and spending time with

    friends, eating healthy, etc. […]

    • Disha,

      What a great posting! While it is a repetitive echo that I seem to never stop hearing, I think “Balance” is a word we always need to NEVER STOP examining. The redundancy of it is to continually keep each other, our society, and our lives in check. It is just too bad that the answer is simply complex. It is relative for us to examine another and question if they have balance in their lives.

      I think we have to listen to those around us who share our hopes, dreams, and goals while always having our best interests at heart. For me this is my wife. She helps me to see what I become blinded to. For me it may be overindulging with food, staying up too late, and sometimes Tech! I don’t mean to, but I am just checking something quickly. Meanwhile, I am neglecting my innocent amazing daughter. I adore the moments I get to spend with her so my wife reminds me.

      I think your last line was perfect. Reflections and careful planning. Those two things are what will always keep us in a healthy balance, but having others offer constructive and thoughtful nudges from time to time is also helpful. I think sometimes we don’t see ourselves as persons with bad intentions, so we inadvertently justify ourselves in our heads for our actions. For me, my balance is more concerning in my personal life, but it is transferable and applicable to the classroom as well.

      Thanks for the posting reminding us all to reflect on what we do in our classes and in our lives with technology. I think balance does exist, but I think it also continually changes. What is done in balance today was not the balance that was done two years ago. Likewise, balance will look different yet again two years from now. Continual reflection. 🙂

  • Disha Gadhia posted a new activity comment 1 year, 3 months ago

    Hi Cheryl,
    I couldn’t agree more that my education like yours looks very different to the education students are receiving today and will be receiving in the future! I think the idea of teachers becoming obsolete is one that is causing a lot of hype but will not be substantiated in the future. Technology is wonderful and will continue to be a…[Read more]

    • Hi Disha, Thanks for your response. The quote that you refer to is spot on! Whilst I, like you am excited about the advances that are being made in education, teachers play a huge role in so much more of the development of a child. Am grateful that you are an advocate for sure a cause!

  •  Technology has definitely changed the way we live our lives and communicate with one another. By allowing us to communicate with others more easily, quickly, and efficiently it has also allowed us to share […]

  • Fact…Most students love to play games! Whether it is a video game such as Minecraft, a board game, or an educational game. When students hear that there is going to be a game involved their excitement and […]

    • Hi Disha! I loved your blog post 🙂 As you mentioned, “most students love to play games!” And I would argue that most people love to play games too 🙂 I can remember back to my first weeks of crew practice in college. It was hard work! Toward the end of our first week of practice, our coaches told us we were going to play “The Game.” I was stoked as we worked our butts off all week, and I was more than ready to play a game. Well, the game wasn’t exactly the kind of game I had in mind 😉 But it was game-like, and every practice we played “The Game,” I really did look forward to it. It was almost a psychology thing. When I really think about what we were doing…it was a lot of running, chasing, and isometrics…a lot of hard work! Sometimes, I guess it’s about setting the stage, which I think is SO important in subjects, such as math (as you mentioned Prodigy). Playing games in math may create a more positive association in math for our students. This article ( was nice and short, but it definitely reinforced the importance of play especially in the live of our children. Keep up the great work of play in your classroom!

  • Independence and inquiry are two traits that I strive to develop in my students as they are skills that I believe will allow them to be successful in the real world. For many students, becoming independent and […]

    • Hi Disha…

      Like you, I try to engage my students in meaningful investigations that engage them with choice, challenge and collaboration. While researching this week’s articles on PBL, PBL and CBL I was lost in the sea of acronyms.
      My feeling is that a good teacher looks at the students in their room and adapts a method to suit the activity as needed… sometimes on the fly! I think that education tries too hard to define and label certain procedures as one thing and not another, when the reality is that PBL or PBL or CBL are quite interconnected. I don’t think you could say that you exclusively follow one of them.
      I’m glad that you found some elementary resources. As a former elementary teacher, I know that there are extra challenges when trying a more student-centred approach with younger students. Managing an active classroom within the time constraints of a busy elementary schedule is difficult. For my middle school learners, it’s still an issue, but at least I can leverage their desire for independence and increased self-confidence. You might think their increased maturity would be helpful, but we are dealing with the insanity of the pre-teen brain that is easily distracted by emotions and hormones.

      Thanks for an interesting read.

  • Where do I stand?…. Have I done enough?… How could I do it better?…How could I do it differently?

    These are some examples of the questions we as educators ask ourselves constantly not only about our […]

    • Hi Disha, I enjoyed reading your post, because like you, I am constantly asking myself those 4 questions daily. It is so powerful that your students are integrating the use of the iPads into their daily learning. With your app smashing I wonder whether or not you have used it to front load your ELL student’s vocabulary. I found by using images, then adding both audio and written vocabulary over them, in English and their mother tongue, they were able to create a resource to refer back to, and add to, throughout the unit. A link was also added to the word’s definition. My students found it a useful resource because of the multi-sensory components, so it helped to strengthen their understanding. Hope this may be helpful for yours as well.

    • Hi Disha,
      Like Bettina, I really connected to your post. I feel good about how far we’ve come with tech integration in our elementary school. The iLearning initiative was a big help in getting us all on the same page with common apps. I love Betinna’s idea of using tech to support ELLs with vocabulary growth. This article from EdVoice offers some additional insights about using tech with ELLs:
      I really like to have students collaborate on videos, as it causes them to think more deeply about their learning, and it supports their listening and speaking skills. It’s exciting to see the progress we’ve made in integrating technology effectively in our ES, and I look forward to seeing all the ways we continue to grow this year!

    • I too was fan of your post! I feel that we have both been fortunate to grow at AIS-R as they have rolled out the need for technology integration to happen in our classrooms. We have come a long way! I loved Bettina’s idea of front loading the vocab with tech. Students could use her suggestions to create online picture dictionaries for Social Studies (such as ESOL HELP demonstrates I do agree with the point that comes up time and time again, that when talking about the pros of having tech in the classroom – technology engages and motivates so many of our students in their learning. As an ELL teacher, I feel this is something that I feel you really have to work extra hard at, to ensure students are feeling good about themselves in a situation where they may be struggling with. I feel that the knowledge you have gained through the tech integration learning opportunities at our school puts you well on the way to be a firm member of Augmentation!

    • Hey Disha,

      Your opening sentence resonated with me; I constantly question whether I do am doing enough to integrate technology into my classroom and make sure that my students skills are adequate for the 21 century. I know it seems like a strange worry to have given that I am a first grade teacher but I have witnessed, and tell me if you have as well, that younger and younger students are expected to have more and more technology skills at their disposal. This places a lot of pressure on students and teachers alike, however I am slowly learning to adjust to this pressure and its helping to propel me to advance my own skills, which is having a positive impact on both my personal and professional life.

  • I am definitely a firm believer of simplicity! I love trying to simplify different aspects of my life such as our home, our schedules, our routines etc. as it helps things to look better (in my opinion) and makes […]

  • Disha Gadhia posted a new activity comment 1 year, 11 months ago

    Hi Laurie,

    I love the idea of using infographics as a “reading” option with kids. This would be a great add on during our non-fiction units by having students find infographics on a topic they are interested in. I agree that kids think that they are “great, because they are visually appealing and provide information in a simple, easy-to-read…[Read more]

    • Hi Disha,
      I hadn’t heard of the infographic books before. What a terrific resource! We don’t have anything like this in our library collection, but I’ll definitely be on the lookout for some to add to our collection in the future. I can see where infographics could be especially helpful for ELL students. You might find this article interesting.…[Read more]

  • Disha Gadhia posted a new activity comment 1 year, 11 months ago

    Hi Noura,
    I also thought that having students create digital stories based on their writing would be a great way to celebrate the end of our Grade 3 Writer’s Workshop unit. Check out my blog post ( I love that you have already tried this out with your…[Read more]

    • Hey Disha,

      I am so glad you will be attempting this with the 3rd graders! I know when Lara passed by to check her daughter’s work out, she was very impressed and was excited to work on a similar project with the third graders! Perhaps a co-porject with the 3rd graders, where the 5th graders can mentor the little ones for a session. I am sure the…[Read more]

  • In my previous post I wrote about our “Changing the World” unit in Writer’s Workshop in which students are learning to write persuasive pieces. I thought it would be a great idea to celebrate the culmi […]

    • Disha,
      I love your idea of using infographics in the persuasive writing unit! If only we hadn’t just completed it in grade 4! Regardless, it is a great idea and an interesting and engaging way to ask students to share their information. I don’t know how an infographic would work with realistic fiction – maybe as a story arc in the planning phase? When I was reading the articles for this assignment, I kept thinking of presenting infographics myself. It seemed like another…graphic. Why would the students care about another photo with a bunch of words that are supposedly important? But then I noticed the links at the bottom of the ‘Reading’ tab for week 5 and realized that there are websites that would allow myself, and the students, to create infographics. I think that this would be a great option for students to present their ideas about a given topic in most units that we teach. It would give them another choice in how they present as well as ownership of their learning. Add an infographic app to the supply lists for next year!
      Great post, Disha! Keep up the great work!
      P.S. I was also planning to update the BTSN presentation for my final project! Nicely done on that!

  • Our current Writer’s Workshop unit in Grade 3 is centered around persuasive pieces in which students are urging their audience to Change the World for the better. To get students started they were asked to think a […]

    • Hey Disha,

      Love your ideas in this post. We can definitely take them and bring them to grade 1 too. Our first graders are comfortable with using many of the apps and can do their opinions pieces on them. Kids can find their pictures, create books, use their voices and post them on seesaw. We can even have the kids appsmash with the apps Andrew suggested above.

  • Disha Gadhia posted a new activity comment 2 years ago

    Hi Pam,

    I agree that adding visuals to your presentation would make it more effective and engaging for your students. As an ELL teacher, we often use visuals to help our students better understand new information or concepts. However, I find that having visual aids often helps not only our ELL students but all of our students in…[Read more]

    • Hey Disha! Thanks for sharing that website. It looks like it has a lot of great information. It’s so true that all of our students come into our classrooms with different prior knowledge and using visuals will aid in the learning of ALL of our students 🙂 Now, to find some even more engaging visuals, like infographics!

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