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  • Chris Hoffman wrote a new post, PLN Growth Through Community Engagement, on the site A Hole in the Wall 2 years, 3 months ago

    A Story of Building Connections
    within a Community

    The quote from A.L. Kennedy does a pretty good job of summarizing my journey in developing a professional learning network through community engagement ov […]

    • I like seeing such tangible change in how you participate online and what learning you are engaged in.

      I have really been impressed with all of your contributions to the learning community. I think your comments have always been so thoughtful and a reason to believe that comment sections can be places of great learning and connections.

      I also love how you treat twitter…I always think it’s best to be authentic and real on Twitter, which comes through in your feed.

      I hope you stay active with your online PLN.

    • Hi Chris,
      Such a clever use of the visual ‘Growing Network Model’ by Dr Mark Styvers. You are so right, it is the journey that matters and I think that’s why I am so overwhelmed by the sense of community and support that I feel since I started Coetail. It has been the catalyst of really appreciating how much we as educators can collaborate in our learning and offer the same to our students. My learning has indeed been enriched by extending my connections all over the world. But more than that, I have felt support, patience and ‘kindness’ in individuals taking the time to help. I enjoyed reading Valerie Koch’s reply to your comment, in which you had taken the time to help and which illustrates so well why ‘reaching out to others is so important’. I have just finished a class Skype and then a follow up reflection Skype with the teacher a fellow Coetailer, Abby Moore. It was great to connect our classes, but it was also great to finally ‘meet’ , and plan future purposeful learning for our students. Such is the support I have gained through Coetail, it felt like meeting a friend. Here’s to our growing networks.