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  • This year I’m the Interim Director of Educational Technology at my school in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It is my 4th year at this school. When I began working here I had a team of colleagues. I’m the only EdTech […]

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  • It’s been a lovely holiday break. The new year is in full swing, back to work. Of all the tidbits of knowledge and insight I wanted to volley in my PLN before the holiday break, this one stayed with me over the […]

  • I have worked in schools with Smartboards for many years now. They tend to go unused by teachers, who don’t have the time to learn a new software program, or figure out how to get it to connect and orient. A […]

  • When I first arrived at my school, many of the teachers new and returning asked for some kind of e-portfolio program. In tandem, a place for information and student learning can be shared and celebrated, on a […]

    • Hi,

      I enjoyed reading your narrative of how you navigated the process of coming to terms with the changing needs of our times as educators. E portfolios is a topic I have been discussing since I have arrived at my current school . This year, I took a shot at making a sample of one that might serve as an example of what possibilities we could tap into. You can have a look at my own struggling learning journey with the idea of E-portfolios here

      I would be curious to know how you plan on using Easy Blog Jr., when I signed up, I was a little disappointed to find out that the data there is not private and other parents can look up other student’s data, which sort of defeated my purpose of considering it as private window for each parent to view some assessment samples if necessary.

      I loved that you had that picture on your desktop. What I have on mine is a simple word: KISS. Keep it simple, silly!


  • A weekend away in Berlin for an inquiry about inquiry. Meeting new PYP teachers from different schools, grade levels, and perspectives was refreshing and fun. We even had a chance to experiment with foam. We were […]

  • At my school the Grade 1 and 2’s have 1:1 iPads, this is the third year in the program. Last year I created a Google Drive account just for the iPad classrooms. This allows the teachers to have a separate storage […]

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    After my first year of working at a PYP school, I was sent on a “Making the PYP Happen” Cat. 1 training. This course looked at the overall structure of the PYP curriculum. The training was done in a way that used […]

  • It has been a long time since I have been so uplifted by a short film, as I have with this one by Tiffany Shlain, founder of Moxie institute.

    Take a look at Adaptable Mind.
    I often wonder about where are we go […]

  • I have recently started using Kidblogs with my third graders at school. Using the idea of flipped classrooms I wanted to have the students use their blogs at home because we don’t have the ability to do this at […]

  • Hi Aarthi,
    I would do the program all over again if I had the choice. I’m looking for a new job and the COETAIL program is the edge I need to set me apart from the competition. If you are looking for a person to […]

  • ThumbnailI’m happy to say that I have made it through the CoETaIL program. The weeks of refreshing my uploads and downloads in Yangon while slightly pull hair are in the past. I find myself feeling “out of the loop”. Now […]

  • Around every corner of making my final project was another challenge. It seems I’m drawn to the most challenging path. I decided to continue learning new programs by using Prezi for my final project.
    Due to the […]

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    I found this new part of the TED online community. Looking for a particular video to jumpstart a lesson, or flip your classroom? They have some big idea thought provoking videos for educators to flip their […]

  • I love the project your class is working on, mash ups of classics takes the students to a new level of creativity, creation, and collaboration. I recently started using peer reviews with my third graders. I […]

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    Last week my assistants and I took the four third grades on a “field trip” to take pictures with four digital cameras to share. I needed to get field trip permission forms for all one hundred students to step […]

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    I did the jigsaw puzzle, and it was great. It creates anticipation from the audience. I like your activity because it combines many skills (inserting pictures, typing, formatting) into one project that is shared […]

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    Your final project sounds like a great opportunity to try out the iPads with your kindergarteners. I teach technology to KG, and would love to have iPads to used with them. It’s funny, I have a new student […]

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    For the first time I gave a little presentation to my school colleagues. My principal asked me to share some tech tidbits at our monthly staff meeting. I think Tech Tidbits is kind of a catchy name.

    I […]

  • Bob Thurman: We can be Buddhas

    (with help from the connectivity of the internet)

    Living in a Buddhist country I find myself surrounded by pagodas, monks, and Buddhas. The idea of interconnectivity in […]

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