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  • Lisa W. wrote a new post, The blog with no photos continues, on the site CookieMaker 2 years, 2 months ago

    Here we are at the end of course 1 and I still find myself running to catch up! But I have decided not to panic or stress out….just yet. Why? because I took the time to really think about the reasons why I […]

    • Hi Lisa,
      Enjoyed reading your post. Sometimes I think we rush into things so quickly that we don’t always think about the reasons and ask ourselves why/how we can use technology with the students. I like your measured and thoughtful approach, which will bring ‘meaning’ and ‘connection’ for your students. You are so right that your 5 and 6 year olds will be finding new ways to use technology…your exploring will help them on their way and offer them opportunities to be able to do just that. I just wrote a post on Take your Time Makerspaces-sometimes taking one’s time is the best and more meaningful way.
      Enjoy the exploring and reflection.

    • Hi Lisa,

      If it’s any help, despite growing up with technology and being a digital native, I too often feel out of touch with how quick our students are, and how knowledgeable they can be when using technology. Please know that I’m happy to help with any technical side of things if you need 🙂

      As always, educators are tasked with somehow equipping students with skills they will need in the future, often without knowing what that future will resemble – I find this especially true in the Early Years and Lower School, where over a decade will pass before they join society as adults – who knows what the world will look like then!

      But already, you are demonstrating a quality that is important in all of us – perseverance and a readiness to tackle the unknown. Every little step brings you closer to your goal. Keep it up!