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Danieta Morgan

  • I believe in creating an individual approach to my students’ learning. Working in an international school, this is more important than ever. Students here range from English proficiency to being a beginner to the […]

    • I keep thinking that our job as ‘teachers’ is fast being redefined and the scope of what is essential knowledge is rapidly changing. My skill pack also needs to change. More than being able to use technology efficiently and creatively to capture the imagination of my students and keep them engaged and driven, is the need to help my students develop the mindset of being passionate learners. I like your statement “This excites me most because it is a chance where I get to be a teacher the way they want me to teach. I get to address their needs and help them explore their passions with resilience and excitement” it also frightens me a bit since it make me realise that I must be up to the challenge if I too want to inspire this newer generation of learners !

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    This school year I have set some extremely high goals for myself as an educator.  I wanted to ensure that everything I taught in the classroom came with purpose.  I do not believe in teaching […]

  • Danieta Morgan posted a new activity comment 4 years, 5 months ago

    This is a beautifully perfect position! I am going to use the Design Thinking Process for my students for my COETAIL Course 5 Project. This is what I have been completely immersed in this year while innovating my curriculum. Our students are our users and we have an important role to design the curriculum catering to their needs as well. It’s…[Read more]

    • I love the Design subject in the IB MYP! It’s a great course and incredibly important for students. I’ll definitely check out your blog for Course 5…sounds incredibly interesting!

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    The time has come where I have reached my “tipping point”.  I am now over flowing with possibilities and ideas.  I have been redefining my teaching philosophy for the past two years!  As much as I enjoy […]

    • Danieta: your students have the most passionate and amazing voices. Having the opportunity to visit your class and talk to them about their views on gender and equity was inspiring to say the least.

      I completely understand what you mean – it is difficult to follow a roadmap for instruction because we have to follow the route our students take us on. I have found myself re-evaluating and re-calibrating the GPS this year – if you will!

      On another note, the photo of Columbus Circle made me so nostalgic!

  • Thanks for commenting Jeff and I couldn’t agree with you more!

    Since this post, I have fallen into the wonderful world of Twitter Chats! It truly amazes me how much I have learned, reflected, and connected […]

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    It all started when I sat in on a PD given my Jeff Utecht as he peeled off my last few layers of doubt that existed when creating a PLN and sharing my expertise world wide.  He explained the benefits of using […]

  • Priya,

    I love Blendspace! I must thank you again for teaching me while giving my Moodle Training last school year. It has allowed me to organize my favorite videos that I will be using with my class. I […]

  • You bring up some really good points Rachel. While I am a fan of using technology in the classroom, I must admit that I am a bit fearful of the BYOT initiative. Although our laptops last year were extremely […]

  • Danieta Morgan posted a new activity comment 5 years, 1 month ago

    You bring up some great concerns Ross. Did you know that in Finland, after teaching 45 minute periods, some teachers give students a fifteen minute recess?! This idea seemed impossible when I first read about it.

    Finland has been regarded as having an exemplar education system which pushes me to question our philosophies. Teaching the…[Read more]

  • Carlina, as you know I love what you do! You and your team have inspired me to take technology and just run.

    I must admit that I was reluctant to have a bootcamp at first as well simply because I was fearful […]

  • ThumbnailThe time has arrived where I showcase the capabilities of technology in my own unit design!  Self-directed learning is currently my passion! I love seeing the spark in my students’ eye when they have fulfilled […]

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    Shocked, Surprised, Proud..just a few words to describe this joyous feeling.  Finally, I have been ahead of the curve in COETAIL.  Prior to joining this community, I did not know just how beneficial it would be […]

  • Rob,

    I would love to do that! Especially since I really don’t see the vertical alignment in the AERO standards. It seems that it doesn’t have one. I would love to know what “thinking” you believe your […]

  • I first introduced students because we were covering social issues and I must say that I love the results! The language is spoken at a higher level and most of them really understand which is good.

    Adding […]

  • Greetings Robin!

    Ok, so my new project is to learn how to embed movies in my posts properly. I thought I had this down but I guess I need to revisit.

    Thank you for the site. This might be my new favorite go […]

  • Thanks Seth and I believe that, as teachers, this UBD is essential in the way we deliver instruction. On the flip side, when instruction or goals are delivered to the adults, rarely do we speak about the “end […]

  • Hey Jeff,
    I’m not sure how to trim videos yet to show the exact clip I want but this is the video! Forward through to the 5 minute mark! It’s 5:00-6:42, sorry for that confusion in the post. It truly had me in […]

  • Lucky this is just a brainstorm!  This school year, I have toyed around with many different technology integration models.  I have used WeVideo, VoiceThread, Evernote, Mangahigh, Green Screens, and I-movie.  I […]

  • Every morning for this current unit, I watch CNN Student News with my students.  It’s a 10 minute video giving all the news from around the world (Based in US).   When the news ends, I have the girls and boys […]

  • ThumbnailTechnology Integration is the Reinvention of Education!  Lets focus on our end goal!  Initially what turned me off about technology integration was that we were not beginning with the “why”.  Coetail does this […]

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