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  • ppframpton posted a new activity comment 4 years, 1 month ago

    I keep thinking that our job as ‘teachers’ is fast being redefined and the scope of what is essential knowledge is rapidly changing. My skill pack also needs to change. More than being able to use technology efficiently and creatively to capture the imagination of my students and keep them engaged and driven, is the need to help my students…[Read more]

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    Logo created for PD on the GO by P. Lawerance

    Professional Development on the GO!
    Course 5

    Two years ago after an audit by Dr. Virginia Rojas,the American International School-Chennai […]

  • ppframpton posted a new activity comment 4 years, 2 months ago

    This is the second out of the 12 COETAIL l post that I have read this morning that speaks directly to me! I love the image and the underlying message of Headspace is Required. As much as I have learned about my love of learning over the last two years as a member of the COETAIL community, I also have learned some hard and undeniable truth about…[Read more]

  • ppframpton posted a new activity comment 4 years, 2 months ago

    Your introductory paragraph sounds like a chapter in my life! With the exception maybe of the length of time it has taken me to start pulling the final project together. I have spent months thinking about the idea of the final project and I too had a very clear idea of what I wanted to do and how I could move beyond Augmentation. By mid January…[Read more]

    • Sure, collaboration sounds great, and thank you for your words. It’s good to know, in a way, that I’m not the only one dealing with life’s lemons. I love your idea of PD on the go, I’m not sure how it would work here as I have placed this on the server and announced it to teachers and received NO response. My school is only an international…[Read more]

  • ppframpton posted a new activity comment 4 years, 2 months ago

    Pryia, as both a member of staff and a parent I had the opportunity to witness the outcomes of the VLD from both sides of the coin. Much as you did, I understood the philosophy and psychology behind setting such a plan into motion. In the recent past, International schools have had to close their doors unexceptionally for a number of reasons…[Read more]

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    Photo Credit: Βethan via Compfight cc

    Over the last six or so months, I have been struggling with the work home balance and I have to admit that work has won hands down. Yet, I feel that I have merely put […]

    • Hi Paula:

      I am so excited about your final project and the ideas you have come up with. I honestly think you have one of the most interesting yet difficult jobs in the world- and I think you do fabulously in it.

      I think technology is a powerful tool in bridging the language gap between students. Its amazing how much more I am able to communicate with the proper use of the online tools available. And, in the changing demographics of our international schools, fluency with these tools is key.

      With all these new ideas and models – where do you think the future of EAP is headed? A hybrid?

      Happy COETAILing,


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    I attended the NESA Spring Educators Conference in Istanbul a week ago and it was invigorating. As usual, I was thrilled to be among so many like minded professional and so many leaders in the field of […]

    • Love it! Could not agree more. I’m also starting to talk about 22 Century Learning….that and what should be a given in 2015. I mean 95%+ of recruiters use LinkedIn to recruit employees. 80%+ of U.S. Universities check up on students in social areas, and we learn more from watching youtube videos then pretty much any other single source today.

      Yeah…things have changed and we need to start changing with them.

    • What an excellent idea! Not only are you putting the learning in the students’ court, you are teaching them how to learn! I love your title, it really grabbed my attention. I find my students really don’t know how to use the internet. Today I asked them to find a bias article about their topic. They typed in, “Bias article about ____” and filled in the blank with their topic. This does not work! Tomorrow I am going to teach them how to use Google! I totally agree with your three steps. I loved this line, “We need to teach them to self navigate, be self directed and self reliant while at the same time understanding that that “self” is part of an interdependent world where progress is propelled by sharing of knowledge and making the self part of the collective whole.” Thank you for sharing!

  • ppframpton‘s profile was updated 4 years, 2 months ago

  • You make a really valid point about the recent emergence of high quality digital learning material. There really are whole courses available online. I hadn’t heard of Coursera before reading your post and i’ll be […]

  • ppframpton posted a new activity comment 5 years ago

    You make a really valid point about the recent emergence of high quality digital learning material. There really are whole courses available online. I hadn’t heard of Coursera before reading your post and i”ll be sure to check it out. My daughter introduced me to other platforms such as Harvard Extension School online offerings as well as ITU…[Read more]

  • ppframpton commented on the post, You Matter, on the site djteachalot 5 years ago

    I think you hit the nail on the head when you postulated that getting students to listen to lectures/ ensuring that students actually absorb the content assigned as home-lesson is the one of the biggest challenges […]

  • I love the idea of digital storytelling. Perhaps one way to combat the difficulties that 7th graders limited language skill would be to combine your infographics and digital storytelling ideas and support the […]

  • ppframpton commented on the post, Course 5 Possibilities, on the site Code Switching 5 years ago

    I agree that a language lab would be a great additional resource for the speech unit. Students will not have to experience the stigma of being publicly corrected for mis-pronunciation. More importantly, if a […]

  • ppframpton wrote a new post, New and Improved , on the site Journeys 5 years ago

  • This assignment has forced me to broaden my understanding of project-based, problem based and challenge based learning by first defining them and then investigating the similarities and differences between the […]

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    Technology usage in the classroom is on the rise. That’s a fact. With proper use technology, can enhance the quality of the learning experience for all our students. With the appropriate knowledge of how to […]

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    It is without a doubt that education is being shaped by the rise of technology. We have already seen laptops, e-dictionaries, iPads, smartboards, electronic book readers, annotation tools, Game-based learning, […]

  • ppframpton wrote a new post, IS MOOC for YOU?, on the site Journeys 5 years, 1 month ago

    Nearly every morning on my way to school, the conversation with my 14 year son somehow revolves around the endless possibilities for anyone to truly reach his or her fullest potential simply my taking advantage of […]

  • Ten years ago I remember telling myself that I needed to learn to type so that I can keep up with technology. For me, at that point in time, technology was a tool for communication in the same manner that I used […]

  • ppframpton commented on the post, Zenned Up Powerpoint, on the site Journeys 5 years, 1 month ago

    Thank you for the positive feedback. The roles of both teachers in the co-teaching models change and or develop overtime and so I am always hesitant to be prescriptive when discussing the roles. That being said, […]

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