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  • Suzy Ramsden wrote a new post, Take your Time Makerspaces, on the site A deep breath moment 2 years, 3 months ago

    Thank you Adele who gave me the title for my blog post. During a recent reflection with my grade 1 class on some of the things they think are important about how we are learning , she included this :
    Take your […]

    • Dear Suzie,
      How funny that we posted on the same subject almost at the same time!
      I really like how deep you go into your reflection. Count me in to create a space for makers!
      As you see in my post, what I did last year was truly a success and as Adele and you said, we clearly need time, much more time!
      Thank you for sharing

      • Hi Magali,
        Thank you so much for your comment . I just read your post. Such great visuals and I am excited to combine our thinking and skills. I really liked your MakeyMakey controller. I am thinking it would be great if the French department used the Makerspace in the Grade 1 area with their French students. Let’s talk about this. I would really like to collaborate on a few projects with you. Exciting times.

        • I’d love to be able to use the Makerspace in Grade 1 and the MakeyMakey. One of my idea as a final project was to have my older students develop a game with Scratch and the youngest would use it with Makey Makey. That’s something that we should try, what do you think?

          • Hi Magali,

            I think this is a great idea. Would love to tap into your expertise with MakeyMakey. We’ll set up a meeting this week.

    • I love seeing all of your learning in all the different spaces coming together. And the words of wisdom to take your time is so important. We are building foundations here and we can enjoy the process and the journey. This was an absolutely lovely post…thanks for sharing.

      • Dear Rebekah,

        Thank you so much for your comments. I enjoyed writing this post because it helped me reach clarity about how I could merge all these inspiring pedagogies together to provide meaningful and relevant opportunities for students.
        I am excited about developing this area and collaborating with experts who have already set up these spaces, both in our local community and beyond. It is truly rewarding to feel so inspired and motivated to follow through on all my learning from Coetail. But I will make sure we all take time.
        Thank you again,