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  •  The End is Really the Beginning
    My final project ends where I started. Making our learning visible to all our community. Above are some of the comments the parents left when we had a morning sharing our […]

    • Interesting!
      I have always wanted to introduce Minecraft and dive in. Congratulations to you on your planning, organization and success!

      I absolutely love that you did this with young students because it is so possible. I will share your project with our Grade 1’s and Lower School for inspiration. Thank you!


      • Hi,

        Thank you so much for your comments. I was nervous about using Minecraft PE rather than MinecraftEdu, but it turned out to be such a creative and collaborative experience for the students. I will now be introducing to the whole grade and starting a Minecraft club in January. Please share around any of the resources if you think they will be useful. Also happy to halp in any way. I really did set this up step by step so that the students could then just fly with their final project. Yesterday our published community guidelines written by the students arrived. The excitement continues as well as my own learning.
        Thank you again

    • Dear Nora,

      Thank you so much for your comments and for your support. I so enjoyed this project and I am so glad I took the risk. My biggest takeaway was to let go and give the students the space to be independent problem solvers and risk takers themselves. I enjoyed the fact that it was at the beginning of the school year and I have added choices in their learning. I am looking forward to sharing this with the French department and supporting the teachers if they wish to use Minecraft as an option.
      So happy and lucky to collaborate with you.

    • What a wonderful project, Suzy! Thank you for including lots of videos of the students working together. It was really interesting to see different parts of the process as they collaborated to plan and create their community on Minecraft! It was also neat to see how they now use Minecraft in subjects like math!

      The successful Minecraft morning was a fantastic way to let parents see how students can use Minecraft to make their thinking visible. The next steps will be so exciting for your students as they become the Minecraft coaches for the other G1 students!

      • Dear Lauren,

        Thank you so much for watching and commenting. There were so many joyful moments in this project as I handed over the learning and drive to the students which they then shared with the parents. The Minecraft morning was one of those moments that will stay with me for a long time. The students were so proud to show their learning in their way and the parents were overwhelmed and delighted by the learning possibilities. It is often so hard for parents to keep up with the possibilities of technology in schools and to appreciate the learning that is involved. Many of the parents are now creating on Minecraft with their children at home. It seemed at times like a long road, with all the different elements of the project. We can see, however, how we have helped them at the beginning of the school year to have that independence, creativity and responsibility using technology which they can apply and build on. Thank you again for your comments. It’s only a small part of my learning from this whole Coetail experience and long may it continue for all of us, #local and global PLN.
        Thank you Lauren for inspiring us all to take up this amazing opportunity.

    • Hi Suzy,
      What a brilliant project you have created. This is truly inspirational what you have managed to achieve through one project… digital citizenship, digital footprints, communication, blogging, collaboration, goal setting, community, coaching. So much going on!
      It was amazing to see the students show us around what they had created in Minecraft through the use of the green screen. I got a real sense of being part of the project with them.
      Seeing parents interact with their children and going insight into the power of technology was brilliant. The comment “Learning through technology is delightful” is superb reflection from a parent.
      Well done on an awesome COETAIL experience. It has been great to be part of it with you.
      From one of your local PLN members!

      • Hi Joel,

        Thank you so much for your comment. It was so great to start this journey with you. I didn’t have balance #my first ever blog post, but I did somehow manage to stay on the board and you played a big part in that-thank you friend.
        I so enjoyed my final project with the students and it has been truly rewarding widening their learning opportunities. Involving the parents from start to finish was important and proved to be very powerful. I am enjoying hearing the collaborative projects that are now happening at home. It is so important for the learning to have been inspired and driven by the students, to learn through their world, not mine. It provided important insights for me too, observing my students lead their learning.
        We must now make sure we make our projects visible to all our ISL colleagues too and continue sharing and building on the powerful learning that we have all been lucky enough to have. I absoloutely love your Travelling Tales Project and know it will continue. We could ask our classes to coach each other-mine could introduce Minecraft to yours and yours could introduce Travelling Tales and start us off on another Tale. It could be a great way to overcome that ‘physical’ separation in Early Years and Grade 1 and to build collaborative learning opportunities.
        Looking forward to continuing our learning-thank you for being such a big part of mine Joel.

    • Hey Suzy,
      This is such great work. So digital, and so real at the same time – it involved so much in Minecraft, yet so much more than Minecraft too. It’s inspirational, and I’m totally in awe. To use Minecraft as a vehicle for digital citizenship, and only as a secondary source – just wow. I’ll be in touch about Minecraft in the future – good luck with your club when you start it!

      • Dear Wendy,
        Thank you so much for your comments. I am enjoying having time now to really reflect on the project and where to go next or how to improve. I enjoyed the creativity, problem solving and student driven learning. It was exciting to watch it all develop and since too. These 6 and 7 year olds completed the Minecraft Hour of Code Adventure so confidently and are now making personal inquiries into game design. The best part was that the parents were so behind it and could see all the learning and collaboration that went on. I have just posted our final class guidelines on Twitter , written by the students as a result of their project.
        Please do get in touch and/or use and edit resources.