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    While I was watching Mimi Ito’s video on new media practices, I started to take notes and draw symbols. As part of my learning process, I always need to make connections and visualize the ma […]

    • I like the humility that is enforced on adults by the new age in which teenagers are able to teach us useful skills. Their incentive is mixed, though, since, as you say, grown-ups are not necessarily welcome in their social spaces. Great post, Stéphane.
      One more thing, though: How did you get the social buttons at the top of your posts and pages? I’ve been searching for ages!

    • Dear Stephane,

      I really like the visual you created from your reading, what a fabulous way to make your reflections visible. Like you, Ron Ritchhart’s PD has really stayed with me and your suggestions a perfect way for pedagogy and technology to merge in the most natural and ‘organic’ way. I really like the way you show your thinking around technology and learning. Creating a fertile ecosystem-brilliant.
      Thank you for sharing,