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  • Valerie Koch wrote a new post, Curiosity Inspired that Cat, on the site Math Cookies 1 year, 4 months ago

    How does life live? Can girls be robots? Why do worms have faces? How do you make water? Are you old, mom? What is mean and nice? Where did you find me when I was a baby? How does food turn into […]

    • Hi Valerie,

      Love the questions and love the resource shares here. More importantly, I love the idea that all teachers are teachers of better question curation.

      I would be curious to ask students which IBDP course they think lends itself to learning how to ask ‘better’ questions.

      I’d also in my current role be curious to ask colleagues which meetings lend themselves to better question generation. The reality is I think teachers need help doing this in staff meetings too.

      Maybe for this year, you will have your students keep a question journal, logging their many q’s they come up with through the year–what if the first 90 seconds of every lesson was DEAQ (Drop everything and question) time?

      Thanks again for a thoughtful post!

      • Wow, I LOVE the idea of a question journal. Will have to try that. And calling it DEAQ is great–they walk in the room and Q.