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  • Wendy Foreman wrote a new post, Let’s Get It Started (and please help?!), on the site Wendy's World 2 years, 3 months ago

    Well, this final project is turning out exactly as i planned.
    But also not-quite-exactly as i planned…
    In my course 4 final post I spelled out my need and desire to want to do it all. Hasty and ambitious, it […]

    • Dear Wendy,
      You are not alone in your worry about redefinition. I have been worrying about the same issue with my final project which is about inquiry into collaboration through using Minecraft PE. I was worried that it was feeling more like substitution. So I had a thought. Throughout my Coetail journey and beyond, my biggest and powerful learning happens through connecting and sharing ideas with others and reflecting on the process. I keep repeating this in my blog posts, I think it’s getting a bit boring now, but part of my project will include the students blogging about their Minecraft journey with another school and getting ideas for projects. Could you connect your badge earners to another school/library who have not taken this on and get them to share their journey and the brilliant idea through blogging or Twitter? Google hangouts with other library helpers in another school-your students could train others? Who knows where this might lead or what you could start?
      One of my options was connecting badges to the learner profile, I would still like to do this if possible, so will be interested to keep up with your project.
      Not sure if this was helpful,

      • hey suzy; everything is helpful, i promise! minecraft PE – tell me more? i’m currently doing a minecraft ASA and finding it challenging. are you really wanting to do badges too? tell me more about your ideas for the learner profile? xx

    • Wendy …
      I like Rebekah’s idea to reach out to twitter. As I understood it right, the students also help you to create badges or even create them themselves … Could you get them in contact with another school or class who does or do the same in order to collaborate, asking questions, getting ideas, etc.? What about other librarians? Or it makes sense to exchange experiences with a class in a different context? Could they also contact a designer? Could there be a platform for them to share it with the world?

      Just thinking …

      • and a lot of good it did me. i don’t know wny, after all this time in COETAIL, i’m still not first reaching out as soon as i have the moment to do so. i’ve connected well through twitter and other sources, just by asking. i’ve had students in designing the badges too; as you and yolanda said, it doesn’t make so much of a difference that i’ve not made the badges digital, but that the students are earning them for digital things. are you badging in SIN? know anybody who is? would LOVE to be in touch if so! x

    • hey yo! i love this, because you’ve given me different ways to approach this; i was thinking digital as in ‘kids need to display their digital badges online’, where you’re thinking that there are badges earned for doing digital things. 🙂 when you put it that way, i’m not that far behind – my badges are physically printed out and applied with tape, but the skills can really move forward digitally as the year(s) go on. i’m still keen to catch you on google or twitter or whatever – let’s be in touch sooner than later! x