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Dec 06, 2012

dot com

As you might have already noticed we have moved the COETAIL site from it’s .asia domain to our new .com domain. When we started COETAIL we never thought it would expand past…..well….outside our school really. But here we are five years later and we have cohorts in Asia and Africa as well as have COETAILers spread out all over the world. So it only made sense to have our site reflect the change in our globalness.

You shouldn’t notice any different other than if you type in it magically turns into All your links still work, all the links outside of COETAIL still work….it’s some pretty cool magic really. You’ll also notice the way we’ve set up the redirect (that’s one domain .asia pointing to another domain .com) that over time Google will pick up the switch and start showing your blog and everything COETAIL at .com. That will take a few weeks but starting today we’re officially .com

Let us know if you find any bugs moving forward but things seem to be smooth at this point.