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Feb 06, 2012

As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve launched our new site design this weekend. Thanks to Alec and his crew at Foliovision who created the new logo, new site, and host our site on their servers to make sure it’s stable as we grow to over 200 users.

The new site design also includes new colors the purple and green are colors of community and education and the circle itself represents the community of learners we hope this site represents.

The idea behind the site was to promote as much as possible the community of learners. The most resent blog posts, the user profile pics, the groups, the forums…everything about the front page is about promoting the community and making it easy for you to connect to each other.

If you find any mistakes, or something doesn’t look right please let me know. It’s a website which means it’s in constant tweaking mode. If there is something you see that can be improved let me know as well.

We’re also running the latest version of WordPress 3.3.1. So if you can’t find a link or something has moved that’s what to search for on Google or YouTube to find your answer.

I’m excited we’ve got the new site launched. We’ve been working on it since November so it’s great to see it go live and hopefully make in impact on your COETAIL experience.