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I’m about ready to board my plane to head back across the Pacific after a good 10 days and 6….I think it was 6 presentations. 🙂

At the conference in Portland, Oregon I got to catch up with some great people and spend some time listening and learning from them.

First was Dan Meyer. If you are a math teacher he’s a must follow in your RSS reader and if you ever get a change to go to one of his sessions it’s a must as well. Here are the resources from his sessions (that he allowed me to share with you). Would love to talk with some Math teachers who are implementing some of his strategies of using Media in the Math classroom.

Next up was Diana Laufenberg an amazing high school social studies teacher who takes project based learning in a networked world to the next level. Her keynote struck me as she sees her job as “helping students to build network, connected systems that allow them to learn” her latest challenge to her students is to find a country that is having an election before May, find a high school student in that country and have them take a picture of the election process. That’s it….no help, no how too, the kids need to find a way to connect with others through whatever networks they have.

Lastly was the closing keynote. S. Craig Watkins a professor/researcher from Austin, Texas who works with the MacArthur foundation. He spent a good part of his talk speaking about Hanging Out, Messing Around, and Geeking Out. The PDF you read in course 1. They are doing a new study based on the findings of this one that will be out in a couple years.

He talked about YouMedia Chicago a library that used the findings in Hanging Out, Messing Around, and Geeking Out to redesign their library. Fascinating video and website at the link above. How can you use these findings to redesign your classroom or learning space? How to you bring these ideas into your lessons?

That’s my boarding call…..a lot of reflecting to do on the plane…….

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