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Oct 28, 2013

circle-transparent-BGThe badge movement in education is something I have been following and wanted to implement into COETAIL and I’m exciting to say we finally have. We are working with Mozilla Open Badges to allow participants to receive a badge that they can display on their blog or website as professional development that can be authenticated through a 3rd party (Mozilla). I’m 99% sure you’re going to be seeing more PD go in this direction as it allows a teacher to show the non-standard PD they have done. It gives credit to things like online courses where you don’t have a transcript or official document to show what you completed. Many of the MOOCs, like Coursera and Edx are adopting them as well.


There even was a line of thinking at the Learning2 conference about getting International Schools on board by awarding badges for PD that teachers have done. Because International Teachers move so often trying to keep track and authenticate trainings and PD they have attended can be difficult. But with badges that are authenticated by a 3rd party and awarded to teachers once they have completed the training it makes it easy for schools and schools leaders to know exactly what training a teacher has done. For example, Learning2 gave out badges this year to participants, workshop presenters and Learning2Leaders for them to be able to show that they did indeed attend the conference. Now teachers and the school can keep track all the different types of PD a teacher does.

We’ll be getting you set up as you finish the the program. It’s pretty easy for starters. Just head over to and sign up there. Once you receive an e-mail with a link to your badge the rest just kind of happens.