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The Certificate of Educational Technology and Information Literacy (COETAIL) embraces a community approach to learning that empowers you to adapt and transform your practice in order to positively impact learning for all students.


COETAIL bridges the geographical gap and encourages genuine relationships. COETAILers are empowered to build their PLNs, share successes, and implement ideas that transform student learning.


Learning in the COETAIL program is a social endeavor and occurs through a cohort model, instantly giving you access to a new, supportive community focused on student learning.


Designed by, and for, educators and grounded in the ISTE Standards, COETAIL participants become ’empowered professionals’ and ‘learning catalysts’ in an authentic, practical, project-based learning environment.

Matt McGrady, an art and design educator currently working in Abu Dhabi, shares with Chrissy how COETAIL inspired and supported his journey to become a connected educator.

*Originally aired as part of the Eduro Learning Let’s Get Connected Video Series.*




Cups Of Coffee

How might COETAIL transform your practice and impact learning inside your classroom?

Watch COETAILers’ culminating Course 5 Final Project videos to take a peek into their learning journeys!

What do our graduates say?

I think that my greatest learning in COETAIL was not anything specific, but more the type of thinking that has now grown to become a part of who I am as an educator. The way that I see and approach my teaching is different, and the way I reflect on each process feels much more open, creative, and adventurous. There are definitely more exciting things that lie ahead, but now I think I’ve got the right mindset to take it all on, and possibly flip things on their head if necessary. 

Pana Asavavatana

PK-1 Technology & Design Coach

Though initially skeptical, through COETAIL I learned more about flipped learning and what it can offer. It isn’t just a tool for lecture-based lessons like math or history: it’s a way to tailor resources for students.

Matt Fron

HS English Teacher

COETAIL has the potential to redefine educational leadership in numerous ways, including promoting ongoing reflection and learning, connection and collaboration, and creating educators who are able to learn, unlearn, and relearn. In other words, helping us to become technologically nimble.

Sharyl Marshall

Intl Educator & Leader

My growing PLN has been another great source of learning for me, and I am in awe of the numerous amazing projects and initiatives taking place by Coetail students and graduates. I also learnt that a paradigm shift is needed in education, and no one educator can make the shift happen on their own. We need to bond together as like-minded educators and work to change pedagogy.

Jocelyn Sutherland

G4 PYP Classroom Teacher

As I wind down into my final COETAIL post and final project reflection, I can’t help but think about my own journey as an educator, my increased involvement within a PLN and, the way in which COETAIL has motivated me to solidify my educational passions and amplify my voice to a larger audience.

Sean Walmsley

iLearning Coach


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