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How do COETAILers grow as Learners?

This fall, we’re realigning our courses to the new ISTE Standards to equip today’s educator with the knowledge and skills to impact student learning. “The ISTE Standards for Educators are your road map to helping students become empowered learners. These...

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What is COETAIL? What will I learn?

We’ve shared about COETAIL’s partnership with the University of Kentucky and why you might want to choose this learning journey. Now, let’s explore what it might actually look like for you!   COETAIL is a certificate program designed by, and for,...

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Why COETAIL & University of Kentucky?

The COETAIL community is passionate about student learning.   With this student focus at our core, COETAIL empowers educators in an increasingly connected world. Not only does our content differ from typical professional development that educators are...

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COETAIL has partnered with…

We hope you had fun playing #COETAILtrivia this week! We told you we had something big to announce and it’s finally time to reveal our exciting news. We’ll be sharing more detailed information in the coming weeks but we wanted you to be the first to know!...

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Join #COETAILtrivia this week!

We have something super exciting to announce this week! Join in #COETAILtrivia as we have a little fun leading up to our big reveal on Thursday at 11pm GMT. We'll release a new question every 8 hours on Facebook, Instagram, G+, Twitter and right here on this blog...

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