Last December I came across a tweet about a collaborative project around 12/12/12. (I think it was a tweet from Anne Mirtschin, @murcha) My class was lucky enough to participate in this very cool global collaboration project. The project was spearheaded by a person named Stefan Åge Nielsen from the Vonsild School in Denmark. You can check out his class blog here. They came up with the brilliant idea of creating a shared Google Presentation that anyone could add to. People from all over the world uploaded pictures from their location on 12/12/12, from Antarctica to Peru to Russia and onward. Check out the finished result:

Very simple but cool little project!

The grade 5 class at Pasir Ridge International School did a cool little video project around the 12/12/12 theme as well. Head over to their blog, Ironwood Inc to see some of the cool things the’ve come up with.