It might be summer but we’re not done figuring out how to best meet the needs of past, current & future COETAILers.

You’ve been wondering “what’s next?!” since you started COETAIL…well, drum roll please…

#COETAIL2 starts January 2018!

For years COETAILers have been asking how they can stay involved in the COETAIL community. The Eduro-COETAIL merger has allowed us to finally bring the next level of COETAIL to you!

#COETAIL2 will have 3 required courses (think coaching, leadership, digital citizenship) + 12 weeks of optional courses and we’re looking to YOU to help us build these courses!

**What would you love to see in a level 2 program?**
**What optional courses would you like to take?**
**What ideas have you had in the past for courses that other educators would be interested in?**
**What are you passionate about that you would like to share with the world?**


What are we looking for?

  • Practical courses which should take the participants approximately 3 weeks – one unit per week for a total of 3 units (or roughly 30 hours to complete) – basically half a COETAIL course
  • Courses with built-in opportunities for reflection & relevant support material

A few more details:

  • Author Payment: US$500
  • Depending on how this rolls out, we may be able to offer these courses as stand-alone, in which case you would get “first dibs” on teaching too (paid per student)!

You are part of our COETAIL family and we believe you know us best so we’re coming to you first. What can you share with educators around the world to help them continually improve their practice?

Complete this short survey by June 30…then keep an eye on your inbox the first week of July!

No idea is a bad idea…we can’t wait to see your genius shine!

P.S. Online 8, our first 1 year cohort with the option to become a Google Certified Trainer, starts June 19! That’s 3 days from now! Who do you know that would be a perfect fit for the COETAIL community? Here’s some info you can share with them 🙂 And see below for a discount code!