This week, we’re discussing the final strategy for your coaching toolkit, celebrate success!


One of the most important aspects of the coaching role is to be the cheerleader for all of the fantastic work that is happening in your school community. There are many ways to highlight these learning experiences, like speed geeking, hosting a blog that features work from different classrooms, or virtual high fives. The possibilities are endless, but you may find some types of sharing work better in your learning community than others.


When sharing a success, it doesn’t have to be something you supported. It can be something you heard from another teacher or something you saw in action in a classroom as you were visiting.


Why try this strategy?


Everyone likes being appreciated! Finding ways to applaud great work that teachers are doing focuses on the positive and gets people talking about the learning that’s happening in the classrooms around them. In addition, often our days are so busy we don’t have a chance to learn from others (or even find out what other teachers are doing). Celebrating success provides a format and a structure for sharing. Ideally, teachers will walk away knowing they have other teachers they can connect with about new and inspiring ideas. Hopefully, they’ll also be thinking about what they might be able to share next time!



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