Welcome to Day 3 of the COETAIL Challenge!


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This 6-day challenge is designed to engage and grow our community of educators and celebrate our collaboration with the Google for Education Certified Trainer Program. Each day we’ll post the challenge on the COETAIL blog and send a short email to your inbox with the day’s challenge. Not on our email list? Sign up to get the latest COETAIL info in your inbox here!


So far you’ve been initiated into COETAIL’s community approach to learning while connecting with us on social media.


“In addition to the course materials, I learned so much from the other people in the program. I feel like I’m part of a network of educators I can turn to for support.” ~COETAILer   


Today it’s time to get more intimately involved with the community. AND we’re giving you some options!   


Today’s Challenge >>> Get involved in our community!


  • Follow 10 COETAILers or GETs (#GoogleET) on Twitter or Google+.
  • Current or graduate COETAILer? Join our Twitter list….we know more than 350 of you are on Twitter!
  • Subscribe to the COETAIL Twitter list.
  • Introduce yourself to a COETAILer or GoogleET you’d like to connect with.
  • Reach out & connect your class to another COETAIL or GoogleET class.


Connect >>> Post your completed challenge to Twitter, Instagram, Google+ or Facebook with @COETAIL, #COETAIL & #GoogleET to be entered to win the giveaways and be connected with the community! Your posts can be as simple or as creative as you’d like.