Whether you’ve been following #ISTE18 or the FIFA World Cup, relaxing with friends & family or rushing around to get your visas sorted (or all of the above like me!), we hope you’ve found balance in the first weeks of summer.

COETAIL 2 applications close tonight. Have you had a chance to check out the COETAIL 2 website? Need a little inspiration from us? Watch our hangout to get excited about continuing your COETAIL journey…what you’ve been asking for since you completed COETAIL!

Take a moment to throwback with me (it is Thursday after all!). Close your eyes…how did you feel before you started COETAIL? How did you feel at the end of Course 3? How about when you published your Course 5 final project? Open your eyes…what do you need from me to begin your COETAIL 2 adventure?

The Eduro Team has been together in Seattle this week and is eagerly awaiting your applications! Ready to stop putting it off? Let’s break it down…

  • 30 minutes to plan your video (video prompts here)
  • 10 minutes to record your selfie video
  • 10 minutes to finalize your video & upload it
  • 5 minutes to complete the application form

That’s 55 minutes…less than an hour for the opportunity to shape the future of COETAIL 2.

So, what’s the value of COETAIL 2?

26 weeks of course content = $3,900

Monthly group coaching = $450

1:1 coaching = $600

Legacy and reconnecting with the COETAIL community = Priceless

Total COETAIL 2 value = $4,950

Next year, COETAIL 2 will cost $1,947.

This year, it’s only $947. This is your one and only chance to get this $4,950 value for $947!

There’s even a payment plan built in! The first installment of $473.50 is due within 7 days of acceptance to COETAIL 2 and the other half is due a month later. If you need an invoice or would like the option of paying in additional installments, just reply to this email.

Are you an intrepid educator? Join me and 14 of your fellow COETAILers! Have questions before you take the risk & begin the COETAIL 2 adventure? I’d love to answer them! Just reply to this email 🙂


We can’t wait to see your application videos!

Applications close today! Ready to apply? Click here to submit your application!