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Mar 29, 2017

A few months back we posted some new jobs to the COETAIL community as we continue to grow. With our new collaboration with the Google for Education team, we knew we would need more help in supporting COETAILers past, present and future.

Lissa Layman

SMprofileLissa Layman is a chemist turned teacher. In a surprise turn of events, she has actually enjoyed the daily challenge and adventure education brings. After 3 years teaching French in South Carolina, Lissa & her husband’s desire to experience different cultures led them to international teaching. Lissa is an Instructional Coach (Tech Integration) in Kuwait, a Critical Friends Group Coach, a Google for Education Certified Trainer, COETAIL graduate and has an M.Ed. in School Technology Leadership. During her time in education she has discovered a passion for inquiry-based education, global collaboration and teaching teachers. Professionally, she spends her time collaborating with colleagues to develop an instructional coaching culture, planning for and meaningfully implementing learning with technology, and seeking out her next learning opportunity.

Lissa has had a professional crush on COETAIL since her #AISQ8 colleagues shared their Online 12-13 cohort experiences with her. Throughout the 5 courses of Online 13-14, she not only engaged with the required content but also finally found a home in international education through the community of like-minded educators who weren’t afraid to challenge her thinking. Since completing the program, she hasn’t stopped sharing her enthusiasm for COETAIL with anyone willing to listen. After participating in COETAILchats, COETAILcasts, COETAIL meet-ups and being a COETAIL coach, Lissa is excited to take a more formal role in COETAIL’s exciting future.

We know COETAILers past, present and future will benefit from Lissa’s knowledge and connections and we’re excited to have her be more formally involved with COETAIL.

Jeff & Kim