Photo Credit: Taz etc. via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Taz etc. via Compfight cc

Yep, that’s how I felt and probably the way I looked too after Learning 2.014 at NIST in Bangkok, Thailand. It was the good kind of exhausted though. The kind where you’re overloaded with so much inspiration that you just conk out. After a bit of recharging I think I managed to put all of that learning into ideas stored away for possible applications to my teaching. All very exciting!

One of the main things I came away with was that I was finally clear about what I wanted to do my COETAIL final project on for course 3. I wanted to make use of one of the tools I had learned about during Learning 2.014 and all the documentation I and many others had made as well through photographs. I decided I would focus on digital storytelling, and share my Learning 2.014 story using Adobe Voice.

Why Adobe Voice?

I had a few other ideas initially. I wanted to use Yak it Kids to animate some of the photos I had taken and give it some humor, then string in the rest of the photos with iMovie. I started to animate some of the photos such as this one of Shaun (@shaunyk)

I guess that would have worked but I wanted to incorporate images other than photographs. I could have searched for creative commons images and added them in, but why go through all the work when there’s an app that does it for you already! Adobe Voice has some great themes, I think they’re all nice and simple, following the zen principles of presentations. Plus, you can search for icons and creative commons photos within the app. Proper credit is automatically inserted at the end and you can add whatever other credit you need to for other photos you may have included.

Now that I’ve gone through the process of making my own movie using Adobe Voice, I will definitely be using it with my students. It is simple, it makes use of creative commons resources and and draws on a lot of visual literacy skills when you plan the photos and icons you want to use. I think most of my time went into searches for just the right icons and images.

One downside to Adobe Voice is that you can’t save your movie to the camera roll!!! It would have been awesome if I could have done some app smashing and taken this creation into iMovie or another program where I could’ve added more animation or text etc. I can’t say I didn’t try though. I did screencast my creation so I could use that to import into another app but the sound quality was pretty bad.

Without Further Ado

Here is my final project! I hope to use this as an example for my students when they use Adobe Voice for their own digital stories. It think it would go very well with “Small Moment Writing” in Writing Workshop!