Happy Saturday! We hope you have had a wonderful start to your school year!


Thank you for your patience during the updating of the COETAIL website! Have you checked it out yet?! It’s been a little bumpy but we hope you like the results.

Today we’re popping into your inbox one last time before registration for Online 9 closes and another cohort of COEAILers start their learning journey! [Full disclosure: Online 9 started Monday but with our website hiccups last weekend, we decided to extend the deadline so you could squeeze in!]

The stage has been set: Online 9 participants are working their way through the Orientation modules & taken a peek at what’s in store for them during Course 1, Diana issues her official welcome and new COETAILers have already started using their blogs! The year ahead is sure to be an amazing experience for all.

A quick recap: we started with a Blog Tour, moved on to a 6-day Challenge and Online 9 is about to close its doors!

Online 9 is a 5 course, 3 semester program that gives you the option to also become a Google Certified Trainer.

COETAIL is for any educator who is interested in learning & growing through a community approach. All educators are welcome – young & ‘old,’ tech savvy & apprehensive, experienced & new-to-education, classroom teachers & leadership.

COETAIL is more than just a course, a program. As Reid Wilson (Online 2) put it, COETAIL is a way of life.

Are you ready to jump in with us? What is your biggest fear? Your greatest hope? How might COETAIL’s community approach to learning further your growth as educator? We can’t wait to witness your journey unfold!


“I would never have guessed that I would be traveling to K-12 districts all over the country talking about purposeful technology integration. That’s because 5 years ago, I could tell you ZERO about technology, much less, authentic and meaningful use of technology in the classroom. I didn’t use tech in my class because I was afraid of it. That all changed once I joined COETAIL and became a Google Certified Trainer. COETAIL and the Google Trainer certification go hand-in-hand. While the Google Trainer certification gave me more of the tech skillset, COETAIL gave me the mindset to be an innovative leader to push thinking and change the way we think about education. COETAIL and the GET program is the perfect partnership!” ~Emily Roth

“COETAIL helped my classroom practice grow exponentially through digital collaboration and reflection among a cohort of international educators. The focus on educational technology and information literacy provided skills and insight essential to any teacher’s classroom. The Google for Education Trainer certification process helped me hone my skills within GSuite as well as outside of the classroom as a leader of professional development among my peers. Both programs have provided me with an ever growing professional learning network. I’m so excited to see these two programs join forces. Together, COETAIL and Google set the stage for the growth of a powerful network of global educators with the tools and pedagogy to take our classrooms to the next level of learning.” ~Ryan Harwood

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