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Q1: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was self-published by Lewis Carroll in what year?

A1. It was published in 1865. #COETAILtrivia #COETAIL

Q2. This actress is part of a talented family. Her mom and sister are a famous country-western singing duo.

A2. Ashley Judd. #COETAILtrivia #COETAIL

Q3. This museum suffered a sinkhole in 2014 that cost $3.2 million to repair.

A3. National Corvette Museum. #COETAILtrivia #COETAIL

Q4. This biologist won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1933 for discoveries elucidating the role that the chromosome plays in heredity.

A4. Thomas Hunt Morgan won a Nobel Prize in 1933. #COETAILtrivia #COETAIL

Q5. This history teacher won Teacher of the Year in the US in 1984.

A5.  Sherleen S. Sisney was US teacher of the year in 1984. #COETAILtrivia #COETAIL

Q6. This US Senator’s first name is actually Addison.

A6. Mitch McConnell’s first name is actually Addison. #COETAILtrivia #COETAIL

Q7. This American feud between two families spanned thirty years, 1863-1891.

A7. Hatfield & McCoy. #COETAILtrivia #COETAIL

Q8. This cave is the world’s longest and is the second oldest tourist attraction in the United States.

A8. Mammoth Cave is the world’s longest. #COETAILtrivia #COETAIL

Q9. Bill Monroe is the father of this music genre.

A9. Bluegrass. #COETAILtrivia #COETAIL

Q10. The Louisiana Purchase opened markets for trade in southern states along the Mississippi River, including this popular type of whiskey.

A10. Kentucky Bourbon. #COETAILtrivia #COETAIL

Q11. This annual horse race is held the first Saturday in May.

A11. Kentucky Derby. #COETAILtrivia #COETAIL

Q12. This tier 1 research university also boasts the most successful NCAA Division I basketball program in history.

A12. University of Kentucky. #COETAILtrivia #COETAIL