Most schools around the world are wrapping up the 2016-17 school year. As you wind down from this year and begin to transition into the summer and next school year…

What were your greatest successes?

What were your biggest struggles?

Now imagine it is June 2018.

*What have you accomplished?

*Are you heading to a new school in the fall?

*What aspects of your practice have shifted to increase your impact on student learning?

*What actions did you take to support your continuous growth as an educator?

*What positively influenced your recruiting process?

*How did being part of a community of educators inspire you?


Online 8 starts in less than a week! What questions do you still have about the program? What are your reservations? Reach out to us…the beauty of a community is that someone is always around!


Wondering what have other educators said?


“[I now see] technology as an enhancement, and not a burden. I understand that technology can be used to transform student learning. I also am grateful for the connections that I’ve made through COETAIL.”

“COETAIL has given me the confidence to try out lots of new things. It has been an incredibly positive experience for me and I recommend it for every teacher.”

“In addition to the course materials, I learned so much from the other people in the program. I feel like I’m part of a network of educators I can turn to for support.”



We’re ready to welcome new educators into our vibrant community…will you join us?

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