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Jan 03, 2018

COETAIL is a 5-course certificate program designed by, and for, educators. Grounded in the ISTE Standards and following a cohort model, COETAILers become ’empowered professionals’ and ‘learning catalysts’ in an authentic, practical, project-based learning environment.

COETAIL was founded in 2009 by Jeff Utecht and Kim Cofino, and has seen 24 cohorts go through the program. The community of over 1000 program graduates overwhelmingly found COETAIL beneficial to their careers. 93% of participants surveyed said the COETAIL program had a direct influence on their teaching practice.

The 18-month program is composed of five courses to help you explore the importance of learning with technology for today’s students. Each course is 6-weeks long, requiring an average of 8-12 hours per week. You will be guided through the courses by an instructor dedicated to your cohort.

  • Course 1: Information LIteracy and Ourselves as Learners
  • Course 2: 21st Century Literacy Ideas, Questions, and Issues
  • Course 3: Visual Literacy: Effective Communicators and Creators
  • Course 4: Technology: A Catalyst for Learning
  • Course 5: Alive in the Classroom: Applied Web 2.0 Technology for Learning

These courses follow a linear pattern and build upon the foundations built in previous courses. You will learn to develop the habit of staying on top of the current trends in curriculum and assessment while reflecting on your learning throughout the program. COETAIL is unique in that the material is designed so that you can immediately apply what you learn in your classroom and school.

One COETAIL grad reflected, “Seeing technology as an enhancement, and not a burden. I understand that technology can be used to transform student learning. I also am grateful for the connections that I’ve made through COETAIL.”

Educators from around the world come together to learn in a COETAIL cohort. Because participants and instructors are spread across the globe, the program is flexible to meet your needs. You will complete weekly assignments while engaging with your cohort on your own schedule.

Your time is valuable and we honor that by creating a schedule that gives you time for holidays and vacations. Courses 1 and 3 are six weeks long while Courses 2 and 4 are seven weeks long, giving you time to take a fall and spring break whenever fits your schedule. Course 5 is a full semester allowing you can incorporate your final project into your curriculum.

  • Course 1: February 5 – March 18, 2018
  • Course 2: March 26 – May 13
  • Course 3: September 10 – October 21
  • Course 4: October 29 – December 16
  • Course 5: January 27 – May 12, 2019

Need continuing education credits? We’ve got you covered! COETAIL can be completed for continuing education credits through Heritage Institute or can be taken for no credit.

“COETAIL has given me the confidence to try out lots of new things. It has been an incredibly positive experience for me and I recommend it for every teacher.” – 2016 COETAIL grad

COETAIL is for any educator who is interested in learning & growing through a community approach. All educators are welcome – young & ‘old,’ tech savvy & apprehensive, experienced & new-to-education, classroom teachers & leadership.

In the next few weeks, members of the COETAIL community will be sharing their favorite blogs that showcase learning from each course in the program. Sign up for updates to follow along the COETAIL Blog Tour to learn how COETAIL might transform your practice and thus student learning.

The next COETAIL cohort, Online 10, begins in February. Are you interested in learning more? Visit our Online 10 information page for all of the specifics about the upcoming cohort!