COETAIL Challenge (2)


Welcome to Day 5 of the Fall COETAIL Challenge!

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This 6-day challenge is intended to engage & grow our community of educators and celebrate our collaboration with the Google for Education Certified Trainer Program. Each day we’ll post the challenge on the COETAIL blog and send a short email with the day’s challenge.

Why should you participate?
1. To demonstrate the power of our community of educators.
2. There are giveaways!

Can you believe tomorrow is the last day of the challenge?! The connections & sharing that have been happening during the last 4 days have been powerful…we are honored to have you as part of this community!


Yesterday you got a taste of what if feels like to add value to your PLN through mutual sharing. Today, we’re opening ourselves up in order to create a more tight-knit community.


In September 2010, the Department of Education (US) issued a detailed report that conducted a meta-analysis of 45 published studies that compare online and face-to-face learning. This analysis demonstrated that online learning methods are, on average, at least as effective as face-to-face learning. We believe that not only can online learning be as effective as face-to-face learning, but built on the foundations of theories that lend themselves to online learning, we can create a powerful learning experience for participants who can’t be face-to-face. This community approach to learning that the COETAIL Program is based on continues to show positive results in both online learning and face-to-face courses.


Sometimes online learning can feel lonely. However COETAIL’s goal is to capitalize on the efficacy of online learning while creating a built-in community of support. How was COETAIL’s online learning community different than other experiences you’ve had? One COETAILer said: “Being connected to others digitally is an amazing way to learn and share.  The content was great but the sharing and connections were fantastic.” We’re in this together.


Today’s Challenge >>> Be vulnerable to create connections.

  • What has been your greatest success using educational technology? // How has your practice changed because of COETAIL?
  • What are your biggest frustrations with educational technology & teaching in the digital age?
  • Current or Graduate COETAILer? Have you started your GET application yet? What are you waiting for?! Check out the requirements! There are lots of COETAILers around the world who are already #GoogleET…connect with them in the process.
  • Post a photo with one of the #EduroChallenge themes.


Connect >>> Post your completed challenge to TwitterInstagramGoogle+ or Facebook with @COETAIL, #COETAIL, #GoogleET & #EduroChallenge to be entered to win the giveaways and be connected with the community! Your posts can be as simple or as creative as you’d like.


Bonus >>>  Eduro Learning (our parent organization) also happens to be in the middle of the first #EduroChallenge. Make sure to check out their daily photo challenges!

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