After a month of engaging our community, it’s time to expand this community and formally welcome more educators into COETAIL…


Online 10 begins February 5th and is open for registration!


COETAIL is for any educator who is interested in learning & growing through a community approach. All educators are welcome – young & ‘old,’ tech savvy & apprehensive, experienced & new-to-education, classroom teachers & leadership. Does that sound like you? See below for more details!


Pedagogical Foundations


The design of this program is based on sound pedagogical foundations that aim to help students learn the material quickly and effectively within a community setting. This course is inspired by the connectivism learning theory, learning communities, mastery learning, and peer assessment and our own understanding of pedagogical techniques that contribute to student learning and engagement in online communities.


5 courses, 3 semesters


  • Course 1: Information Literacy and Ourselves as Learners
  • Course 2: 21st Century Literacy Ideas, Questions, and Issues
  • Course 3: Visual Literacy: Effective Communicators and Creators
  • Course 4: Technology: A Catalyst for Learning
  • Course 5: Alive in the Classroom: Applied Web 2.0 Technology for Learning


Click here to see the full class schedule with dates.


Become a Google Certified Trainer


This will be our third cohort in our collaboration with Google for Education. Not only will you receive a COETAIL certificate in 3 semesters with no summer courses, you also have the opportunity to become a Google Certified Trainer!


2 Credit Options


Need continuing education credits? Heritage Institute has you covered. Prefer a non-credit option? We have that too! See our Program Policies for more details.


Ready to take the plunge? Click here!


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